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Arellano University offers a diverse list of 4 or 5-year courses for freshmen and Post-graduate studies for continued learning

Graduate School of Education 
Graduate School of Nursing 
Graduate School of Business 
Allied Medical Services 
Arts & Sciences 
Business & Commerce 
Computer Science 
Hospitality and Tourism Management 
International Programs 
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The School of Education offers four-year courses and 18 units of professional education courses to non-education degree holders who like to teach and take the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

The School of Education conducts review classes for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Education students of A.U. are exposed to international education through its partnership with Hailida International Kindergarten School in Zhenzhen, China. 


Arellano University School in Legarda

Our Elementary School in Legarda, Sampaloc, Manila serves as a laboratory where our B.E.Ed. and B.S.Ed. students have their in-campus student teaching.

Arellano Elementary School in Pasig

Arellano Elementary in Pasig also offers complete elementary school course, nursery and kindergarten classes. It furthermore serves as a training ground for our future elementary school teachers who are studying in A.U. Pasig.

Arellano University (High School)

 We have six secondary schools: Juan Sumulong High School in Legarda, Sampaloc, Manila, which serves as the laboratory where our B.S.Ed. and B.S.E. students have their in-campus student teaching; Jose Abad Santos High School in Pasay City; Andres Bonifacio High School in Pasig City; and Jose Rizal High School in the collegiate branches of the University (AU in Pasay, AU in Pasig, AU in Malabon), which have their in-campus student teaching. The other University High Schools are:

- Apolinario Mabini High School in Pasay City
- Plaridel High School in Mandaluyong City

Goals & Objectives

  1. To prepare future elementary and high school teachers who will be imbued with the missionary spirit and a sense of commitment and service to youth, and who will be good models of worthwhile values that  should be developed in the young.
  2. To train students to be effective teachers by:
    - Familiarizing them with problems relative to teaching and their solutions;
    - Providing direct and vicarious experience through in-campus and off-campus teaching; and
    - Acquainting them with the worthwhile values of the Filipino culture and the strategies and  means by which these may be implemented on children and the youth.
  3. To develop students who may be future leaders not only in the academe but also in the community and the nation through:
    - Experience in curricular and extra-curricular activities
    - Involvement and participation in organization, workshop, conferences, seminars, etc.
    - Contribution to national development goals, through self help and social service projects
    - Transmission, preservation, and enrichment of the national heritage

Course Offerings

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education  - General
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education  - Pre-school
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education  - SPED
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education 
              - Biological Science
              - Physical Science
              - English
              - Mathematics
              - Filipino
              - Social Studies
              - Filipino Culture & Arts
              - Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health
  • Teacher Certificate Program (for degree holders)

Contact Information

The School of Education
Arellano University
2600 Legarda Street, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. 734-7371 to 79 local 311

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