Exclusive Interview: Trina talks Beef, Break-ups, and Ballers!

by Sunni on Thursday August 19th 2010

Interviewed by Sunni & Necole Bitchien| Photography by Roger Erickson

Her music is sexy, provocative and raunchy, but there is so much more to this Diamond Princess as we learn in this exclusive interview with BitchieLife.com. Born and raised in Miami, Trina spent her weekends traveling to the Bahamas; a place where her mother is from. “My dad is from the Dominican Republic, but I’m not close with that side of my family”. As a teenager, she enjoyed spending time in her mother’s beauty salon where she would get her daily dose of the local gossip, advice about men, and all the fly things happening in Miami. She was signed to Slip ‘N Slide records at the age of 17 and dropped her first record with Trick Daddy at 19.

Most new artists are ruled by their record label, having little control over their sound or how they want to be portrayed, but with 10+ years in the industry, Trina has taken control of her music and toned down her image. “You grow from album to album, you experience and travel the world and see different things to where those old things are not fly to you anymore”. I love to be sexy, I’m from Miami, but now it’s more about the fashion and evolution as a woman”.

I focus on so many more different things than what I talk about in my music. That’s just part of entertainment. That’s not my life everyday as a person. And that sometimes creates a conflict with the label; they don’t accept the grown up me. They still look at me as the little girl that they want to have control over”.

With so much drama going on between female MCs, Trina has managed to keep herself far away from the “beef”…

Me personally, I could care less about the drama. I feel that if there were more collaboration with females, it will be a bigger respect for how hard it is that we work in this game, because it’s a pretty shitty game that you have to deal with as a woman”. There are some really fly girls in the game and if there was more collaboration, there would be less drama and more hot records”.

But we wanted to find out more about Trina; the woman. From her previous relationship with one of the most famous rappers in the world Lil’ Wayne to her recent break-up with NBA star Kenyon Martin, Trina gets personal…

BitchieLife: How has the single life been for you lately?
Trina: I am on Trina time. I believe that when you are in a relationship, 50% goes to what you do, and 50% goes to the relationship. I’m just happy right now. When you are a forgiving person and things just don’t work out, you just know how to pick up the pieces and build yourself up again. And that’s just my state right now at this moment.

BitchieLife: One of your first big public relationships was with Lil’ Wayne, what was he like as a boyfriend?
Trina: (Laughs) Wayne is just an overall great person, a smart person. He’s the most focused person that I know. His drive is unbelievable. Being around someone like him, I learned a lot. We are definitely not at the same place right now, but he’s a friend and he a great person.

BitchieLife: What are some of the qualities that you look for in a man?
Trina: Confidence and respect. I love when a man praises his mom, grandmother or a sister. To me that means that you have that tenacity to love and adore a woman. If you’re not treating me the best that I feel that you can give me, then it’s time for us to go our separate ways.

BitchieLife: We hear about all the perks that come along with dating a baller, what are some of the difficult things that you had to deal with when it came to dating Kenyon Martin; An NBA player who is always on the road?
Trina: I didn’t go through any difficulties with Kenyon. He’s a great person. He’s a good man, with a great heart. Funny, charming and I got mad respect for him. Sometimes as two adults, you see things differently. And basically that’s it. All the drama, all the “Ballers ain’t no good” etc… Hell 95% of men ain’t no good! I don’t believe in all that foolishness. I don’t care if you’re a baller or you work at the post office. If you’re a cheater and a liar, you’re in the same category. So I don’t excuse anybody.

BitchieLife: The show “Basketball Wives” left some women with a negative perspective of that lifestyle…
Trina: We all got regular girlfriends who have drama with their men. Not a rapper, singer, athlete, industry guy, anything… he’s a regular guy and they still have drama. That’s just life. But everything with us (celebrities) is so blown out of proportion because we are in the public eye. If you’re with a man and you know he’s a cheater, why wait 10 years and all this extra stuff to put him on blast. You’re a strong woman, keep it moving! Either you stick it out and decide to work it out, or you go and do something about it.

BitchieLife: You recently attended Lala’s wedding, tell us about it…
Trina: (Laughs) I cried through most of the wedding. I have only been to 2 weddings in my entire life and it was so beautiful, it meant so much to LaLa. I went to see her in her bridal suite upstairs before the wedding, we were getting dresses and it was so overwhelming, I started to cry. And then when we got to our seats and I saw her come out with the veil over here face… It was nothing but sniffles and tissue! The way that Melo was looking at her, and her looking at him, it was so beautiful. It was like a fairy tale, everything just stopped for the moment. Jesse Powell was singing “You”, it was so amazing, I was so touched.

BitchieLife: So who caught the bouquet??
Trina: Actually, LaLa didn’t throw the bouquet!!! After the ceremony, we were in such party mode, that we never got around to the bouquet throwing. We changed our clothes and hit the dance floor. We danced so much and for so long for the rest of the night, that we forgot about the bouquet.

BitchieLife: Do you want to get married?
Trina: Yes, I want to get married, I want to have kids. I always thought that I wanted to have a big wedding but now I’m starting to think that I might want to have a small intimate wedding. “When” that day comes for me! Hopefully soon though (laughs)

BitchieLife: Do you believe that a marriage can last? Especially in our society where everyone is so afraid of commitment?
Trina: I don’t really know. I think that one big fear of mine about getting married would be getting divorced. I would be marrying for life, this is it, and I don’t ever want to get a divorce. But I don’t think that guys are 100% ready to just “STOP IT”. I believe in love and giving 150% and at the end of the day, if it doesn’t work out, at least you know that you gave all that you could. And then “Shame on you clown”… that’s how I feel.

BitchieLife: How do you feel about PDA?
Trina: I love the whole essence of a man so I enjoy all that affection, but if we are at the awards show and kissing for 5 minutes that would just look crazy (Laughs). But when you’re in love, and I’m a very affectionate person, that’s what you do.

BitchieLife: What type of girlfriend are you?
Trina: I am very “I take care of my man” type of girl. I am going to make sure that anything that you need and desire, if I can do it; God willing I’m going to make sure I do it. And I am going to expect the same respect, admiration, affection and intimacy from you as well. I love to be attentive, take care of you all day, whatever it is that you need, I’ll make sure that you got it. I’m going to give you 150%, and if it doesn’t work out, there is not regret because I did everything that I could. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bath, shower, chocolates, candles, vacay, anything, you name it!

BitchieLife: How do you feel about sex on the first date?
Trina: Absolutely no! There is no excuses, there is no “I was on Ciroc” or “I was on too much Patron”…. nothing! That is total lust, disrespect and not a good situation. I feel that what you are going to do on a first day, you’re probably gonna do on the 30th day so why do you feel that you need to do it right now. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. I don’t know when was your last check-up, I don’t know if you go to the dentist and keep your teeth cleaned, I don’t know anything about you. I need to get to know you. There is no way that we are going to bed on the first date, absolutely not! As a woman, it’s definitely worth waiting for. If you feel that you are worthy, you should definitely wait.

BitchieLife: Where do you see yourself in 5 years, personally?
Trina: I hope to have kids. But I do have a fear when it comes to kids. I watched my sister give birth and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen and it scared me to death. But I love kids and I adore then so I definitely want to have a kid. To be married, have a kid, be happy, have a great family, continue to run businesses, and be chilling somewhere on the island, just doing me.

Hobbies: Spa, I’m addicted to going to the spa. I like jet skiing, water sports, bowling… I go bowling with my girls on my days off during the week. I also like going to the movies… just regular fun stuff.

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite place to visit: Any island, my family is from the islands so I love the scenery, the atmosphere, everything about it is so beautiful

Turn Offs: Chewing gum, I hate it when people pop gum, it drives me insane

Celebrity Crush: Jason Statham from Transporter



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