In these troubling economic times, it is important as ever to have a strong leader in the office of the Indiana Secretary of State. As an elected town official and lawyer with conservative principles guiding me, I have the experience and vision necessary for this office. — Charlie White

Many Hoosiers are unfamiliar with the role of the Secretary of State. The four major responsibilities of the Office of Indiana Secretary of State are:

  • The oversight and certification of elections
  • Registration and regulation of businesses and notaries public
  • Regulation of Indiana’s securities industry
  • Licensing and regulation of Indiana’s motor vehicle dealers.

As Secretary of State, Charlie will continue to build upon the solid foundations established by the current Secretary of State, Todd Rokita. Charlie’s administration will be based on the core values that government should be transparent, accessible, efficient, and always defending Hoosier’s identity and assets. These values have shaped the major issues of Charlie’s campaign:

  • Election Integrity: Charlie will protect and defend Indiana’s Voter ID law to ensure our elections are fair and protect the most basic and precious right and responsibility of our democracy-voting.
  • Protect Hoosier Investors: Charlie will protect investors from scams and illegal activities, both domestic and abroad. This includes the continuation of the Indiana Securities Division’s Prosecution Assistance Unit. These attorneys work with local authorities to ensure prosecutors have the proper resources to bring to trial and convict white collar criminals.
  • Redistricting: Charlie will promote the drawing of simple and common sense legislative districts with better representation of local communities.
  • One Stop Shop for Business: Charlie will work with other state and federal agencies to create a “one stop shop” for new Indiana businesses to make it easier for Hoosier entrepreneurs to create a business and comply with all state and federal regulations.

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. All Hoosiers should be confident knowing that elections in Indiana are fair and accurate, and that each vote counts. The Secretary of State serves as Indiana's Chief Election Officer, and in that role, Charlie will ensure that Indiana's elections adhere to the principle of one person, one vote.

Charlie will rely on his experience as an attorney and public servant to be an advocate for Hoosier voters. In his experience, Charlie has found that the most effective way to increase voter participation and protect our democracy is to provide voters with fair and accurate elections. When Indiana voters are confident that their vote will be counted, more Hoosiers will exercise their right to vote. Charlie believes that one of the best tools for ensuring fair and accurate elections is Indiana's Voter ID law.

In today's society, not having a state identification is a true quality of life issue. To be hired by many businesses, to receive government aid, to open a bank account, or to fill a prescription, a valid identification is required. The many reasons for a Hoosier to have an ID strongly outweigh the arguments for individuals to not have valid identification.

Since the Voter ID laws have been enacted, there have been eight successful elections in Indiana. Voter turnout has increased since the implementation of the photo ID law - not just in the 2008 presidential race, but in other races. Indiana's Voter ID law gives Hoosiers confidence in the system, and voters are willing to invest their time again to vote.

Charlie will use innovation and technology to ensure fair and accurate elections. Charlie will look for ways to cut costs for local election administrators by providing more services online. He will also work to provide local election officials with the tools they need to maintain the Statewide Voter Registration System, an online database that protects the integrity of Indiana's elections.

Charlie's experience as a small business attorney has taught him that one of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of investment fraud is to become financially literate. Charlie will take a proactive role in preventing investment fraud by reaching out to Hoosiers to educate them about investing and personal finance. However, financial literacy is only one half of the equation. Enforcement of Indiana's securities laws plus investor education equals solid investment protection for Hoosiers.

Charlie will be a true watchdog to guard Indiana investors. Charlie will draw on his active background in law and business to protect hardworking Hoosier investors from scams and illegal activities. This includes working closely with local authorities to ensure prosecutors have the proper resources to bring to trial and convict white collar criminals who prey on Hoosiers.

Charlie will work quickly to continue current Secretary of State Todd Rokita's legacy to not only prosecute criminals, but also to assist victims of these crimes. He will do so by fully implementing a new law that was just passed by the General Assembly in 2010, House Enrolled Act 1332. This pioneering investor protection program, known as the Securities Restitution Fund, will tap into the Securities Enforcement Fund so that the state securities commissioner will have the ability to give investment fraud victims up to $15,000 or 25 percent of unrecovered awards.

Charlie believes in Governor Daniels' philosophy that government can nurture the right business environment for economic growth. The Secretary of State’s Business Services Division is responsible for registration of new businesses, filing of commercial liens, and issuance of trademarks. In this role, Charlie will work to make business formation as simple as possible for the Hoosier entrepreneurs who drive our state's economic development.

All businesses operating in Indiana, regardless of size, must follow regulatory requirements that may involve several different state agencies. In his experience as a small business attorney, Charlie saw firsthand the challenges facing Hoosier entrepreneurs as they began the process of starting a business. Charlie will work with other state agencies and offices to create a "one stop shop" for new businesses to make it even easier to create a business and comply with all state and federal regulations.

Charlie will also work to cut costs and increase services for existing Hoosier businesses. He will continue to use innovation and technology to modernize the services provided by the Business Services Division. As Secretary of State, Charlie will work to help Indiana businesses spend less time interacting with government and more time focusing on growth.

In 2011, each state will redraw its boundaries for state and congressional districts based on the new 2010 census data. This process is known as redistricting. In Indiana, the only requirement for redistricting is that the legislative boundaries be contiguous. This has resulted in oddly-shaped districts that confuse, rather than empower voters. Reforming the redistricting process is essential for providing Hoosiers with fair, accountable representation and more competitive elections.

Charlie will promote the drawing of simple and common sense legislative districts to better represent local communities. Simple legislative districts lessen voter's confusion on who represents them and encourages participation in our political process.

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