Video refuting Harry Mitchell's lies about David Schweikert's real estate business

Deputy County Treasurer refutes Harry Mitchell's lies about David Schweikert's management of the Treasurer's Office

The Hill poll shows David Schweikert leading Harry Mitchell by 3 points

Video refuting Harry Mitchell's lies about David Schweikert's real estate business

Deputy County Treasurer refutes Harry Mitchell's lies about David Schweikert's management of the Treasurer's Office

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National Journal: David Schweikert leading Harry Mitchell by two points in latest poll

Phoenix Business Journal: GOP challenger David Schweikert improving chance to unseat Harry Mitchell

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Arizona Republic: David Schweikert outraises Harry Mitchell; Mitchell apparently out of money

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David Schweikert featured on

Phoenix Business Journal indicates David Schweikert / Harry Mitchell race is tipping towards Schweikert

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RealClearPolitics labels Schweikert-Mitchell race "Leans R;" 35th most likely House seat to switch parties

Mesa Issues blog predicting bad news for Mitchell predicting Schweikert beat Mitchell due to Mitchell's terrible voting record

DCCC decides to spend only a piddly $60k helping Mitchell against Schweikert

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Sarah Palin targets Schweikert, Gosar and Kelly Congressional races in Arizona

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How Harry Mitchell betrayed Arizona's senior

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Club for Growth backs Schweikert

National Republican Congressional Committee adds Harry Mitchell, Ann Kirkpatrick to targeted races

Big trouble for Mitchell, poll shows Schweikert at 50%, Mitchell at 44%Barney Frank raising money for Harry Mitchell

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Will Harry Mitchell go on another crime spree?

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Harry Mitchell moving his signs

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Jim Ward, a real class act

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Grassroots Interviews with David Schweikert

TRUTHOUT: Is Jim Ward lying to get elected?

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David Schweikert launches television ad

AZ Right to Life PAC endorses Schweikert over all other candidates

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Rep. Harry Mitchell sending out taxpayer-funded mailers that look like campaign ads

We've beaten our goal of raising $10,000 online this week!

David Schweikert calls on Harry Mitchell to join him in supporting SB1070

David Schweikert discusses illegal immigration and anchor babies

Jim Ward breaks pledge not to play dirty in AZ CD5 race; runs push-poll

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Susan Bitter Smith falsely implies that Arpaio has endorsed her - AGAIN!

Join David Schweikert on May 4th for a fun evening of Dessert Deserts with gourmet chef Jan D'Atri, KFYI's Barry Young and Cruella Michella Buffy Lee Larson

David Schweikert is first Congressional candidate in AZ to turn in signature petitions

Arpaio issues statement: Has NOT endorsed Susan Bitter Smith

April 15 has been redefined

Best photo of a David Schweikert yard sign wins Starbucks!

Ever wonder why liberal Democrat Congressman Harry Mitchell voted for the Healthcare takeover?

AZ Right to Life PAC endorses David Schweikert

Concerned Women PAC endorses David Schweikert

Who is Chris Salvino for Congress in CD-5?

Obamacare: The Truth About Mitchell's Vote

Harry Mitchell voted for Obamacare

Mitchell's "Yes" Sells Out District for Obama and Pelosi

Harry Mitchell's State of the District Address AKA an Excuse for Doing Nothing

Nancy Pelosi Rewards Harry Mitchell with $15,000

'Pelosi INdex' synchs Mitchell with Pelosi 67%

Polls show David Schweikert would easily beat Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell Watch

Watch David Schweikert's new TV ad: He opposes the bailouts, Obamacare, and is tough on border security

AZ State Bar accused of serious ethical misconduct for obstructing illegal immigration enforcement

 The Arizona State Bar is attempting to stop Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas from enforcing illegal immigration laws by investigating him. Top legal ethics experts, including a former State Bar President, former State Bar Chief legal counsel, former Attorney General, and former Chief Justice of the AZ Supreme Court, have found no merit to the investigations. 

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has asked the Arizona Supreme Court to investigate the Arizona State Bar Association for ethical misconduct involving thwarting illegal immigration enforcement. The State Bar began investigating Thomas and other prosecutors in the County Attorney's Office after Thomas challenged the Maricopa County Superior Court for deliberately refusing to follow Prop. 100, a voter initiative that passed in 2006 with 78% approval prohibiting bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes. When the Superior Court refused to comply, Thomas successfully got the state legislature and the Arizona Supreme Court to force them to. Angry that Thomas had taken on the courts and won, some retired judges lobbied the State Bar to "do something" about Thomas.

Thomas asked several experts in legal ethics to review the bar complaints that suddenly emerged against him. All of the experts concluded that none of the complaints had any merit, and that the State Bar had engaged in misconduct. These experts are: Thomas Zlaket, former Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court (politically liberal); Jack La Sota, former Attorney General of Arizona; Ernest Calderon, former State Bar President (a Democrat); Geoffrey Hazard, former Yale Law School professor and perhaps the nation's leading expert on legal ethics; and Michael Alan Schwartz, former chief counsel at the State Bar of Michigan.

The chief legal counsel of the Arizona State Bar, Robert Van Wyck, has demanded privileged material from the County Attorney's Office and says he will turn it over to adverse parties involved in current or prior litigation against the County Attorney's Office. He has been coordinating and working with an alternative tabloid newspaper, the Phoenix New Times, which detests Thomas.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio supports Thomas and said that one of his attorneys has also been the target of a frivolous bar investigation related to illegal immigration enforcement. Arpaio will criminally investigate the State Bar if necessary.

The State Bar is under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Supreme Court. It is despicable that the State Bar, an entity whose job is to uphold the law, is doing the opposite. The judges who requested that the State Bar investigate Thomas are attempting to control the Executive Branch, which the prosecutors' office is part of. This is an unconstitutional abuse of the separation of powers. Seventy-eight percent of Arizonans want Proposition 100 enforced, and a majority also want illegal immigration laws enforced. For the State Bar to obstruct the will of the voters by investigating the man responsible for upholding the law is unlawful. And without the rule of law, society is chaos.

The other alarming aspect of this investigation is its attempt to curtail free speech. The local judiciary and the State Bar were upset with Thomas for criticizing their obstruction of Proposition 100. After one of Thomas's attorneys wrote an article defending him in the newspaper, the State Bar began investigating him over the article (it comes as no surprise that they recently dismissed that investigation).  Free speech is one of our most cherished fundamental rights, there is a reason it's the First Amendment. I didn't clear this article with the State Bar before publishing it, because it's within my right to free speech. So maybe I'll be the target of an investigation. 

To read the entire news release, click here. Visit for updated news on illegal immigration, and sign up for the free weekly newsletter. Rachel Alexander is a Deputy County Attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

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