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  1. 'Save Our State' vs. Islam in Oklahoma

    On Election Day, not only will Oklahoma voters help decide who represents them in Congress and their state legislature, they will also decide whether to officially prohibit Islamic law from being used in rulings in Oklahoma courtrooms. The measure puts...

  2. And While the Media Continue to Attack Christine O'Donnell...

    Jim DeMint started the recession. Perhaps I should repeat. Jim DeMint started the recession. Didn't hear me? Jim DeMint started the recession. Are you ready for me to say something else... ANYTHING else? I'm sure that's how MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell...

  3. Go Ahead, Beat Your Wife... Just Don't Leave a Mark

    Yes, yes, yes... religions are different. Cultures are different. Customs and traditions are different throughout the world. We all know this. Despite the differences in culture and religion across the planet, it seems sensible to expect a certain level of...

  4. Arrogance Run Amok: Obama Says Americans Aren't 'Thinking Clearly'

    It's amazing that people like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are Washington politicians. Do they possess the political skills it takes to get elected? Clearly they do. But what's amazing is that they are in the profession of...

  5. It's So Hard to Say, 'I don't know'

    Politicians and other public figures are an interesting lot. They find it impossible to say the words, "I don't know." Ask them a question to which they don't know the answer, and you will receive either a series of ums...

  6. The Worst Label in Politics: Democrat

    As Barack Obama travels the country in a last ditch effort to save his party from total collapse, he seems to have only one strategy: bash the Republicans. Everywhere he goes, he tells audiences how bad the Republicans were and...

  7. Yes... That's Right... The Looney Left said it!

    You never know what's going to come out of the mouth of some left-wing moonbat. They don't use logic; they ignore the facts; and they will say just about anything to pit one group against the other. This mindset really...

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  • Gangstas, Jihadists, and Hillbillies... Oh my!


    In one swift action, National Public Radio (NPR) has revealed its true colors and crossed the line so egregiously that perhaps its funding will be cut off once and for all. Because Juan Williams, who up until a few days... READ MORE

  • Angle to Reid: Man up, man up, man up

    sharron angle

    LAS VEGAS (AP) - Republican Sharron Angle again called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to "man up" and take responsibility for the state's woes as she embraced a new campaign phrase plucked from Nevada's only U.S. Senate race debate.... READ MORE

  • Limbaugh: What Should a Republican Majority Do?


    Many are preoccupied speculating about the magnitude of the impending Republican electoral victory, but I don't think it's putting the cart before the horse to caution that we also ought to be concerned -- now -- about what Republicans will... READ MORE

  • Why, exactly, was Juan Williams fired?

    Fresh Ink (Clear)

    Juan Williams is one of my favorite liberals. Not because he is any less liberal or any more liberal but because at least he is intellectually honest. There isn't any frothing at the mouth with Juan Williams, nor any kind... READ MORE


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