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alpaca (tent) crab (tent) jackal (tent) lemur (tent) platypus (tent) rabbit (tent) meerkat (bldg C, 1st floor) python (bldg C 1st floor) tarsier (outside) ant (bldg B 1st floor) jaguar (bldg B 2nd floor) bat (bldg B 3rd floor, big) camel (bldg B 3rd floor) OTHER
10am Transmedia & how entertainment media is changing - Andrea Philips Let's make government cute (code)! A new platform to make doing development for open source government work! @debbryant Lessons of First-time CEOs - Ann Baldinucci, Joe Fernanddez Making computers see - Jeff Powers Collaborative consumption - Lane Becker, Micki Kimmel Food for thought - future of food, DIY? FOO newbies? your guide to having a great FOO (and increasing your chances of being invited back) - Danese Everything you forgot to ask about open source databases! - Brian Aker How to be a good geek parent! - Charlene Li Non-visual augmented reality w/SMS & GPS @caseorganic Hacking Urban Planning - Re-wiring America's suburban dream -- Jesse Kecher, Search Engine Optimisation advice for YOUR website Hacking the Science Experience: discussion on disrupting low-risk science channels for high-risk research -- Eric Weinstein Paint the U-dome!
11am What is it really like to be a public official? Carolyn Lawson How to start a "startup" - Paul Graham housing network for driven passionate people Research in a corporate setting -- how to make it work Digital music: economics vs passion -- Tom Conrad & Miguel Senquiz Destroying information: from the financial market ~ 2008 to the cloud 20?? Brainpower: measuring the mind Collective Stream of Consciousness and Industry Disruption: Joe Fernandez & Jolee Lion Machine Learning at Scale How to make a bestseller, v 3 -- Kathy Sierra Mining the Trough of Disillusionment -- Matts Jones & Webb Slacktivism (aka click-thru activism) is killing democracy - Laurel Paint the U-Dome! or, worldcup watch party

noon lunch
Frisbee on the grass, Who's At Foo (tent, lunchtime), O'Reilly Data Conf?
alpaca (tent) crab (tent) jackal (tent) lemur (tent) platypus (tent) rabbit (tent) meerkat (bldg C, 1st floor) python (bldg C 1st floor) tarsier (outside) ant (bldg B 1st floor) jaguar (bldg B 2nd floor) bat (bldg B 3rd floor, big) camel (bldg B 3rd floor) OTHER
1pm The Guitar Hero Future: The Future of Musicianship - Matt Galligan More Women & Girls in Tech: How do we encourage? - Leigh Honeywell, Sarah N. l8r Open Isn't Open (Power law on Twitter) - @codybrown I've never organized a conference! Help! - Ben Huh, Cheezburger Using a Claude glass/black mirror - 19th c. - 21st century imaging - imagining the world - Roberta Carney Urban Operating System IO! - Tom Coates, Adam Greenfield How we built internet-enabled RFID readers with Arduino & crazy bright LEDS - David Recordon & Michael Sharon Crowdsourcing for Good & Profit - Lukas Biewald, Crowdflower, ... Evolution of Pull Platforms - John Hagel Stories out of CHINA (ask us anything! we might answer) - Liam Casey, Bunnie Huang DATA (for good) - what can data do for you! Data science & other cool stuff! TOR: Anonymity Privacy Circumvention
2pm Open Source VC $$$ (and support group) - Matt Galligan Better HTML5 Apps, or, What Would It Take For You to Leave Objective C/Java - Keith Fahlgren Biocuriosity: How biohackers/makers will change your life. Eri Gentry Match social graph to medical info for million-person health study - James Fowler Tomorrow's political machines - David Forbes Knowledge vs. Wisdom: does what you know matter? @berkun Real world incentives behavior change - Kati Condon Area/code Corporate open source (barriers, and breaking them) Let's make a kid's book about the internet. Gabe B Who's @ Foo - your last 12 months in 120 sec - All comers welcome Roger Dennis Kiostark - five experiments you can do with strangers! Moving beyond transparency - Clay Johnson How the interweb saved metal \m/ - Bradford S.
3pm break
3:30pm Forgetting: How to opt out & why @selenamarie Bluetooth watches - new ways of telling time? Joe Hughes Barrel aging for microdistillers - Brendon Wheatley Let's spend $1 billion less on Government IT (plan, share, reverse, FOSS, etc.) Andrew Hoppin @MSenate @ahoppin Physical Computing & Disaster Response: John Dimatos, Beth Kolko, Benedetta Piantella Is Social Media actually undermining democracy here & abroad? - Daniel Suarez Make Shit Matter Class & Technology - SES, poverty, & the future. Quinn Norton +... Runtime program modification - seen on jailbroken mobile devices - Jay Freeman saurik Let's edit each other's wikipedia page! DiBona l8r Security - why writing secure code sucks & how we'll make it AWESOME!! - Dan Kaminsky How hummus will be in 2040 ... 35 years after social networking - brainstorm - Jolee Rich
alpaca (tent) crab (tent) jackal (tent) lemur (tent) platypus (tent) rabbit (tent) meerkat (bldg C, 1st floor) python (bldg C 1st floor) tarsier (outside) ant (bldg B 1st floor) jaguar (bldg B 2nd floor) bat (bldg B 3rd floor, big) camel (bldg B 3rd floor) OTHER
4:30pm Hunch User-Driven Development - Max Ventilla Slow Technology Movement - Start me? manifesto, guidelines? @cynthialawson Help me make more good data accessible. [And a discussion about what that means.] - Gil Elbaz Philosophy and Technology - Tim O'Reilly and Damon Horowitz Help! - making music more accessible & friendly the coming offline revolution - Christine Corbett Moran *Robot Danceoff* teach your robot - Heather Knight, Build a New Humanitarian Relief Paradigm: Disaster relief 2.0 @poplifegirl @brucelebel Perl, my favorite DEAD LANGUAGE (what we're doing to fix it) - Jesse Vincent Help With Defining Open Source Hardware - we need your opinions! Bre Pettis, Bunnie Huang Location 2010 - Scoble - future of geolocation - mobile Gabriella Coleman - Debian + Anonymous & Scientology: Political lessons from the anthropological trenches. LOTS OF LULZ!! l8r
5:30pm Hardware + solution development for the third world/bottom billion - Benedetta (I can merge session) Breadboard to Best Buy (or not): How do DIY projects become products? (Bre Pettis, Bunnie Huang, Liam Casey, James Park) - David Merrill Whither the "female" founder? - Dina Kaplan Neighborhoods, social geography. How technology can build social fabric. Tim O'Reilly/Jen Pahlka Free Online Education K-12: Crowdsourcing a full curriculum for every child. Andrew Ng, Danese Cooper (merged with) taking down the Texas school board: Open educational resources - Emily Jacobi, @emjacobi (merged with) How do we fix computer science education? - Allison Randal Convergence! Discuss music, entertainment, film industry, technology convergence, artist data ownership - @poplifegirl Genes: do they affect politics? - James Fowler Secret session. topic announced at session. FrieNDA. no one admitted 5 minutes after start. Jane McG, Chris diBona, Bob Lee Big Data, the Cloud & buzzword booze bingo - Bradford S. Data is not binary — Scientific Data - how to carry context and meaning in an API. Gavin Starks / AMEE @agentGav LIES my startup friends told me - Thor Muller, Lane Becker

6:30pm dinner

alpaca (tent) crab (tent) jackal (tent) lemur (tent) platypus (tent) rabbit (tent) meerkat (bldg C, 1st floor) python (bldg C 1st floor) tarsier (outside) ant (bldg B 1st floor) jaguar (bldg B 2nd floor) bat (bldg B 3rd floor, big) camel (bldg B 3rd floor) OTHER
8pm Color Blind? Please come. Cool stuff, but I need test subjects; :) - Dan Kaminsky Mandate for Collective Designing a 12-month experiment in merit-based resource allocation—and then implementing it. Jessy Katie 8 pm Terraform the Earth! 8:20 pm Coding with copy-paste, inspiration from nature, when does it work? 8:40 pm Non-OOP Thinking: UNIX, XML, JSON don't combine data and code. Amit Patel Storytelling is Everywhere How open are you REALLY?!? Take a test + find out. Charlene Li Open Data. Are you worried about cloud services using your data? Discuss. Larry Augustin. Data isn't binary — moved to Bat@5:30 FLOSS & open-source terror: dark mirror (how Al Qaeda's attractions & dysfunctions mirror our own) - Sumana Texas Hold 'Em Lesson + Game - Mark Robins open Ignite Foo Camp open
9pm Rewire Your Tongue with Miraclin enzymes + ass'd groceries provided. Dan Shapiro. How to Write a Book, Joseph Adler Connecting New People with Tech — Christine Corbett Morgan (BYOB) Visualizing Your Productivity and Visual GTD AKA Anal Retnetive Organizing For Creative Types — Miguel Senquiz Board Games! The analog social network (combine with Rabbit 9pm?) Learn to play Go: the oldest game. All levels. Data-driven Decisions: can be tech detailed if you want. @peteskomoroch LinkedIn/Datawrangling Alcohol as a dataset (what's bourbon? what's scotch?) and visualising it. -Dan Bentley That Sucked: Learning from failure + war stories. Joshua l8r You - yes, you! - can do standup comedy (workshop) - Sumana H. Stimulate Dance + Laptop Orchestra Doctor Who finale! Scotch Appreciation SOciety @ Picnic Table Afterhours Ham Radio Demo! Talk to People Using Electromagnetic Energy!!


alpaca (tent) crab (tent) jackal (tent) lemur (tent) platypus (tent) rabbit (tent) meerkat (bldg C, 1st floor) python (bldg C 1st floor) tarsier (outside) ant (bldg B 1st floor) jaguar (bldg B 2nd floor) bat (bldg B 3rd floor, big) camel (bldg B 3rd floor) OTHER
10 am open In Defense of Mediocrity (and Mastery) - Ben Scofield Slow news and News Foo (Levy - Kelly - Jennyfer - Wickre Engaging w/ Gov't: Do people care? - Yasmin Fodil :) Privacy vs. collective intelligence - Tim O'Reilly Tools for Tummlers* (They need us) *Tummlers are people who make conversation happen, see [1] How to get 1 million views on Youtube! - Tim Shey @nextnew networks Transforming Healthcare systems from the ground up (with exampmles) - Roger Dennis Open Source Audio Gadgets to reduce global poverty - Cliff Schmidt Game-Storming for better work Dave Gray and Sunni Brown PPT Karaoke (improv slideshow presenting) Sumana Harihareswara) open
11am Civil Society 2.0 How to develop worldwide crowdsourced efforts for social good - Noel Dickover Share iPad goodies (aka help me justify the cost to my wife) - Nat T Cool Tools and cool stuff show and tell - Kevin Kelly open What public officials need to know about Technology! - Yasmin Fodil Get off your ass - Moving the World outside casual discussion come prepped to talk - Josh Williams (Fitbit?) Packet vs. Cloud: Which should be master? Can IPv6 give us end to end back? - Matt Bidduch + Kevin Marks Open Source + Crowdsourced crisis response technologies Noel Dickover Robert Monroe Emily Jacobi NoSQL Databases = Jason Hunter Time Affluence - Jane McG. open Alternatives to obsoleting collete & debt too! Sridhar Vembu Zoho Text Adventures - The Ultimate VR Experience @sussman More Paint the U-dome Express yourself in color - Bruce LeBel
12pm Models you use to understand the world - Sumana open Time Travel for the Web

Enabling the long tail of archives and CMSs with Memento. It is more than just IA's Wayback Machine Michael L. Nelson

(insert from Friday 9pm) - Productivity: doing better at what matters. Bruce LeBel PrISM Business Process Control. open open Crisis Commons - Sustainability Model come help us! Crisis response humanitarian relief; crisis mapping (@poplifegirl Crisis Commons - Sustainable model for volunteer technology - Asistance in disasters, crisis - Noel Dickover Parallel analysis & visualization of big data using open source tools - christine coribett noman open What if your roomba had 1 million CPUs? -Ryan Hickman open Piracy and you - the mobile application marketplace: how money flows - Why we are becoming "lords of the flies" - Jay Freeman (@Saurik)

1pm: LUNCH


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