A Welcome Message from Stacey

Michigan is broken.  For far too long we have continued to follow the failed liberal policies, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, that have lead us into an economic disaster.  Our education system is failing our children and has no accountability.

Government dependence has replaced individual responsibility for far too many Michigan citizens, families, and what was even once our largest and proudest industry.

Onerous taxation and over regulation of businesses has made Michigan a state that entrepreneurs avoid rather than flock to.

The Federal Government is pretending that state sovereignty does not exist, while our Michigan politicians act as if they have never heard of the 10th amendment.

Our elected officials have failed, and in some cases, just stopped listening to us, We The People!

It is time We the People hold our elected officials accountable to us, We The People are not accountable to our elected officials!

Common Sense Principles I will use to Guide my Decisions as your Governor

1.  Just as all of us have had to tighten our belts and cut back on spending, so must our government.  We must cut our government budget by a minimum of 15% upon inauguration.

2.  Excessive taxation has contributed heavily to our current economic freefall.  I will examine each and every tax and fee levied by our state, and pledge to eliminate those that are strictly punitive, such as the MBT. I will reduce those that are excessive, in order to stimulate job creation and entrepreneurial risk taking.  As a result, tax revenue will increase, and jobs will be created, all without punishing Michigan families or entrepreneurs, but rewarding them for their faith in the American Dream!

3.  Our education system needs to be overhauled.  Failing schools, and those that run them can no longer be rewarded.  Parents and educators must bear their responsibility in our children’s education.  My administration will support schools that educate, and ensure that children attending a school that is failing to educate them will have the opportunity to transfer to one that will.

4.  As your Governor I will enforce and ensure that Michigan’s rights are protected under the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution.  I will not allow the Federal Government to dictate by fiat, to the citizens of Michigan, impermissable control of our daily lives, or the businesses we run.