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ADaMSoft is a free and Open Source statistical software developed in Java. It is multilingual and multiplatform. It contains data management methods, Data Mining techniques and it offers several facilities in order to create dynamical reports or to store documents.

Starting from ADaMSoft release 2.0.0 it contains, also, a new system, called Strategies Support System that helps the user to find the better strategy for its analytical problem.

Furthermore, using its Web Application server it is possibile to use ADaMSoft through Internet. This permits to produce dynamically the web pages and to realize a web-architecture which can be used to analyze and/or share the Information.

Note: we are looking for people interested in collaborate with us in the ADaMSoft development.

ADaMSoft as a project

ADaMSoft was also evaluated by, that gave us the following awards: Reviews on SoftSea
They also checked ADaMSoft against spywares and viruses: Reviews on SoftSea
And they certified that it is compatible with Windows 7: Reviews on SoftSea

It is, also, included in the Softpedia data base; they sent us this letter: (letter from Softpedia)