FAQ for xawtv 4.x

Q: what is new in xawtv 4.x

There are alot of internal changes which are required for the new features. Due to that several stuff broke. Some just isn't fixed yet and will be available again in the future. Some features are gone forever through.

New features and major changes:

Dropped features:

Q: should I use xawtv 4.x

Main focus of the current development is support for digital TV, i.e. DVB, maybe also ATSC in near future. So if you have a DVB card and are looking for software you can use give it a try. Please note that most documentation hasn't been updated since 3.x and thus is outdated at the moment. Most useful piece of information is this FAQ and the NEW_IN_4 file in the source tarball.

Analog TV support is there as well, but it isn't completely (re-)implemented yet and also not tested very much. It basically works, but not as good as in 3.x yet. That will change some day as I don't plan to maintain 3.x forever, hopefully sooner than later, just need to find enougth time to get it done. If you want something which just works, better go with 3.x.

Q: how to use xawtv with DVB?

Well, the user interface should be self-explanatory. There are only very few things you need to know to get started. Most important one is how to do a scan for DVB Stations:

  1. start xawtv
  2. click with the right mouse button into the main window to popup the control window.
  3. select "Menu / Edit / Scan DVB ..." to get the DVB scanner window.
  4. DVB-S only: xawtv should ask for the LNB configuration now. It needs to know that for tuning.
  5. Tune a initial bouquet now. You can do that manually via "Menu / Commands / Tune manually ..." if you know the parameters. Or you can pick one from "Menu / Database". This menu is build from the database maintained by the linuxtv guys, xawtv assumes to find that in /usr/share/dvb/.
  6. If the tuning worked fine the frontend should get a lock (check the status line of the DVB scanner window) and the window should start filling with information about the current bouquet within the next few seconds.
  7. Now you can start a complete scan using "Menu / Commands / Full scan". Get a coffee now, that may take some time to complete.

Once the scan is complete you can search in the list, zap through the stations found, and put the ones you like into your personal station list. The best way to to that is to just drag'n'drop them from the DVB scanner window info into the control window.

You can also use edit menu in the control window to add stations, but it's easier to build the initial list using drag'n'drop and later on only change some station properties like group or hotkey using the edit menu of the control window.

Q: what about the other DVB services?

There are a few more applications bundled with xawtv you might want to check out:

teletext application, supports both analog and digital TV. mtt is intented to be usable in parallel to any tv application. Because of that it does not tune anything itself, it just passively looks what on the currently tuned bouquet is broadcasted. You have to tune with some other application.
Small fancy application for listening radio stations broadcasted via DVB. Can also be (ab)used to get just the sound of TV stations. You have to do a channel scan with xawtv or alexplore before this one will work.
This is a simple EPG browser.
This is a DVB channel scanner, basically the same which is also built into xawtv, as standalone application.
Simple movie player, can be used to playback movies recorded by xawtv.