Maxim Grishin: “It’s a pity that I can’t fight for the title in October”

Titles and medals mean a lot for every sportsman. Maxim Grishin deserved his title shot winning all three of his opponents on M-1 Eastern Europe tournament (all fights were finished in the first round). But he’s got injured right before the title bout and he doesn’t have enough time to recover.

M-1 – Tell us, when you got your leg injured?

Maxim Grishin – It was on the national hand-to-hand combat fighting championship in Ufa. When I won my second match, I felt like something is wrong with my knee. I asked doctors about it and they advised me not to fight anymore on this tournament. They were so worried about my injury, so they put plaster on my leg. I thought it’s going to be something really serious, maybe torn ligaments. But when I came back in my hometown, it came out that fortunately I don’t need any surgical intervention. Right now I’m recovering little by little, and hopefully soon I’ll be training again

M-1 – You have to miss your title chance because of this injury. What do you feel about it?

Maxim Grishin – It’s very pity, I’m so disappointed. I’ve gone through very good training camp, I was in great shape, but everything was ruined in one second. But it’s OK, anyways, I can’t change it, so I have to take it.

M-1- However, will you be fighting for M-1 title in the future?

Maxim Grishin – As far as I know, Vadim Finkelstein claimed that I’m going to be next in the line for the title. I’ll do my best to recover as fast as it’s possible. Hopefully, I’ll get the information about my next bout after M-1 Challenge XXI

M-1- How important titles and belts are in your career?

Maxim Grishin – It’s a certain step in every fighter’s career. They have to take place in any fighter’s life. But still I’m not concerned about it too much. The main thing for me is the victory in any given bout, if you win, you’re going to get your titles and medals someday

M-1 – Who is the better opponent for you, Guram or Kenny Garner?

Maxim Grishin – I know that Guram is a favorite in many people’s opinion, but Kenny isn’t easy fighter at all. He went through all the stages of M-1 Selection Americas, he was an underdog in few fights, but he was the winner. I would like to test myself with both of them

M-1 – What could be your gameplan against Guram?

Maxim Grishin – Of course, I’d work on my takedown defense. But there aren’t one-dimensional fighters anymore, I saw how hard he hits. I have to be prepared for everything. Who knows, maybe right now he’s working on his striking. Maybe we’ll see some really good muay thai and kickboxing skills 10/28

M-1- Have you met Alexander Valkov after your bout? Are you still friends?

Maxim Grishin – Yes, I met him. Our fight didn’t change anything at all, we’re good friends. Sometimes we jokingly speak about the possible revenge, but there’s no hard feelings

M-1 – Your friend Alexei Nazarov will be fighting on M-1 Challenge XXI, it’s going to be his debut as middleweight. What do you think about his decision to move up in weight class?

Maxim Grishin – He spoke about his possible move to middleweight for a long time. He’s well prepared, mentally and physically. he’s very experienced. Unfortunately I can’t come in St.-Petersburg, but I’ll be cheering for him at home.

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