All-New Blizzard Custom Maps Featured at BlizzCon 2010

All-New Blizzard Custom Maps Featured at BlizzCon 2010

Four all-new Blizzard-crafted StarCraft II custom maps are making their debut at BlizzCon 2010: Aiur Chef, Left 2 Die, StarJeweled, and Blizzard DOTA!

Aiur Chef
A three-round cooking extravaganza! Aiur Chef takes you to a remote area of the planet Aiur, where aspiring zealot chefs skilled in the arts of cooking and killing compete for the title of Executor Chef.

Left 2 Die
Team up with a friend to fend off a new strain of zerg infestation in this epic co-op take on the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign mission "Outbreak."

Test your wits in this puzzler, which challenges you to match jewels according to color to gain energy, train troops, and crush your enemy's base.

Blizzard DOTA
Wage war with the most powerful heroes from Blizzard Entertainment’s game universes in this explosive new multiplayer game.

These four maps will be available to StarCraft II players for free via at some point in the future, but BlizzCon attendees are able to play in-development versions in Hall B of the Anaheim Convention Center on both days of the show.

If you're attending BlizzCon this week or watching at home via the BlizzCon 2010 Virtual Ticket, be sure to check out the StarCraft II Custom Maps and Editor and StarCraft II Art panels to learn more about how each of these epic custom maps were created. The StarCraft II Custom Maps and Editor panel begins Friday at 3 p.m. PDT on the Main Stage, and StarCraft II Art panel begins at 12 p.m. PDT on Saturday on the Development Stage.

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Muradin Bronzebeard is in DOTA O.o I read this in another post.
@Zetossran: EDIT: He's from WoW. Weird
blizzard dota sounds exciting
why wud protoss have chefs lol? they dont have even have mouths.
Second Group to beat the Left 2 Die map with 3:55 left on the clock. It was BA!
@Kalemb: It was epic dude!
So a pun off Iron Chef America, a blatant name copy (basically) off left 4 dead with SI, Name change from Bejeweled, and a DOTA competition with valve. Man things are heating up. Come on Blizzard. Creative names please instead of trying to copy/pun everything.
Left 2 Die sounds fun.
I'm gonna be a level 99 Assassin from D3 only XD ALL BLIZZARDS UNIVERSES COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill be good at Dota for once. :)
this is gonna be epic valve most certainly will drop DOTA 2. if Blizz Dota hits it big.
Left 2 Die sounds awesome, an eye for an eye on Blizzard's end I guess...
Told you they would try to make a DOTA to fight Valve from cashing in
@DRUNKCANUCK: I hope its awesome enough that everyone boycotts valves "dota 2".
@DRUNKCANUCK: only 12 heros for blizzard's mod tho, hopefully they will add more. Valve's dota 2 will have over 100 heros
@DRUNKCANUCK: Also I hope they add stats tracking, theres so many leavers in SOTIS!
@Rhino: lol, because boycotts of games have ever actually happened.
Told you they would try to make a DOTA to fight Valve from cashing in
I am really excited for DOTA
Blizzard DOTA// sounds exciting i hope they support total conversion mods for sc2.. i miss gundam craft..
@joblagz: gundam craft is so awesome
This is going to be effin awesome.
does that mean u get to play as david kim? OMG
Wage war with the most powerful heroes from Blizzard Entertainment’s game universes in this explosive new multiplayer game. Universes is plural... WCIII vs SCII.... *Explodes*
@Raven: WCIII vs. SCII vs. DIII .... YES!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
cant wait for da Blizzard DOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hmm... left 2 die sounds fun... But didn't Aiur get overrun? How (and why) would zealots be training there? And cooking of all things! Oh well, I'll trust your judgement... but lets see some new league maps as well! I'm tired of playing Jungle Basin and LT for every other 1v1!
I was kind of hoping to see more melee maps, but these are pretty cool too.
Wonder how Blizz DotA will compare to SotIS. Starjeweled and Aiur chef sound pretty fun too.
Who cares about these new maps, they need to fix the foundations of the custom maps system, b/c of that these new maps won't be played as soon as they stop being featured, other than maybe Blizzard Dota.
Plz blizzard dont make DOTA that would kill the point of playing SCII also DOTA is geared toward WC3 not SCII
DOTA better be super good! L2D looks pretty good.. Auir Chef lol... as the DT would put it... I am intrigued.
Blizzard > Valve + Icefrog. Icefrog is a douche who just steals other peoples hard work and calls it his own.
@Ahlen: you're an idiot
mmmmmmmmmmmm I wanna play now lol.
@Vortigaunt: No... The Xbox live Community is MUCH worse than the Blizzard community.
@Vashi: i'm talking about the dota community not the blizzard community
@Vortigaunt: +1 Dota is terrible