Australia's Antarctic Stations

The Australian Antarctic Division maintains four permanent research stations.

Aerial of Casey Station take in March 2003

Davis Station aerial view

The station from North Head
Macquarie Island

Mawson Station

Mawson, Davis and Casey are on the Antarctic continent, and Macquarie Island is in the subantarctic.

All four stations are occupied year-round by scientists and support staff.

Living in the Antarctic is never easy. Expedition members must contend with an environment that is never benign and often life-threatening. Specially-designed tents and transportable shelters (carried by helicopter or towed behind vehicles) make it possible to undertake research for a few weeks or even months in remote places, but more permanent stations are needed for long-term living in Antarctica.

You can find out about the scientific research programs on the station web pages, as well as some historical information on the establishment of the stations, and what it's like to live there.

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