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international fellowship of evangelical students

a tremendous work of God

The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) is a networking community of nationally-led student movements, committed to being partners in global student witness. We exist to reach students in every nation with the gospel and to send them into the world to bear witness to Christ and his teaching.

»   who we are
evangelism, formación, mission - the three goals of IFES and its national movements
»   what we believe
the IFES doctrinal basis
»   our distinctives
what characterises IFES and its movements
»   who's who
introducing the IFES Executive Committee and Senior Leadership Team
»   history
60 years of student ministry
»   petros
Petros will be travelling around the IFES world in 2009. But where will he be on 1 January 2010?
»   living stones
IFES vision to 2020
»   daniel bourdanné
Daniel Bourdanné currently serves as the IFES General Secretary

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