Defenders Reece Brown and Oliver Gill have now both returned to Manchester United following the end of their month's loan.

Peter Taylor was keen to extend their stay at City but the Premiership giants have decided to recall the duo back to Old Trafford.

Taylor said: "We would have liked to have kept them for a little longer, but we believe United need them to fulfil some reserve matches".

"It's a shame because I think they've enjoyed it. They have both done some good things for us and I think they would have got better if they'd stayed longer."

The United defenders made their debut for City against Morecambe at the start of October only days after joining the football club.

Gill featured in every game during his loan period at the Coral Windows Stadium while Brown also managed to make three appearances despite a knee injury.


The football club would like to thank Oliver and Reece for all their efforts during their time with Bradford City and wish them all the best for the future.