Nintendo Reveals 3 New DSi Colours

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By Rob Crossley

February 25, 2009

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Nintendo is looking to stimulate flagging sales of the DSi in Japan by releasing the handheld in three new colours.

As of March 20, Japan’s retailers will stock the DSi in pink, lime green and metallic blue. These three units will add to the black and white varieties of the system, which launched early in November last year. The unit will sell for ¥18,900, according to Kotaku, the equivalent of $195.

Sales of the DSi in Japan have hit over 180,000 units in a single week, yet the system couldn’t prevent the post-Christmas shopping blues as the newish device soon fell below 50,000 unit sales per week. Three new colours and new marketing may help boost the handheld’s success.

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Reminds me of when the new Malibu Stacey doll was launched.

'But she's got a new hat!'

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It's a bit insane that you can spike sales in Japan just by releasing a device in a new color. Back when I was a kid, systems came in two colors, gray or black, and we liked it!