Marjorie L. Johnson, Democrat
for South Carolina Secretary of State


Dear Supporter,

I have decided to launch a political campaign for the South Carolina Office of Secretary of State.  This decision has been made after having considerable thought and consultation with family, friends, associates and with my support base.

In South Carolina, eligible women voters make up 51% of the voter population.  Women are represented by O% at the statewide elected office level.  That is not representative of our capabilities and/or intelligence.  Women deserve to be represented, deserve a seat at the table of decision-making in this state and I want to be that chosen person.  However, while I want to fill the obvious void and under-utilization of women in elective office, I feel the process is missing a valuable point of view...that of the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, and female friends residing in this broad state.  We are educated, experienced, sober minded and as capable of forward thinking as our counterparts.  Further, we are natural masters at multi-tasking and budgetary management.  We could only add to the diversity of thought, and the creative process of getting things done in a new way, for the betterment of all South Carolinians.

While the Office of Secretary of State has little direct authority to significantly change the face of the Palmetto State, it is, however, an integral part of the elected administration as a Constitutional Office, answerable most directly to state residents and their needs.  As such, the Secretary has the opportunity for regular input from the citizenry to affect decisions of state, decisions that could assist the growth, integrity, stability, success and , most of all, the Improved Image this state reflects to the nation.  A visible and active Secretary could work to sell the benefits of developing corporate business here, of regenerating "Made in America" here, of blowing the dust off of the deserted textile mills that dot our landscape. 

I want to paint a better picture, with South Carolina in its midst.  I want to show onlookers we are trying hard to look new, look flexible, look upgraded, look 21st century, look capable, look professional, look ready to perform today's tasks, in today's time frame.  I have the desire. I have the drive.  But, I need lots of help.  I need You!