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Washington Update 

Yes We Can...Control Your Plan

President Obama said that if you liked your health care plan you could keep it. He just didn't say for how long. Unfortunately for most Americans, the days of controlling their medical care are numbered. Scott Gottlieb of the New York Post analyzed some of the draft regulations that had "leaked" from HHS in his column, and what he found was a major break from the President's biggest promise: "If people like their insurance, they'll be able to keep it." On the contrary, Gottlieb writes, more than half of all policies will have to change over the next three years. The problem with ObamaCare isn't what the law says -- but what it doesn't say. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is using those "gray areas" to wrestle more control away from patients and take giant steps toward her vision of socialized medicine. Although Congress passed the reforms, her Department is in charge of implementing them. And unfortunately, most of the big ticket items -- including the government's role in the private market -- were left to the discretion of Secretary Sebelius, an unelected, pro-abortion, Washington-based bureaucrat. She, more than anyone -- including the plan holders themselves -- will be responsible for defining medical care in America . Need proof? The bill, as Gottlieb points out, uses the phrase "the secretary shall" more than 725 times!

Republicans have tried to attack the legislation from every angle, including yesterday's attempt to gut the plan of its most audacious element: insurance mandates. In what Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) called "the biggest vote on the new health care law since it passed," the GOP tried to strip the unconstitutional provision that requires Americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. Tuesday's amendment, offered by Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), failed 187-230 as part of the small-business bill. Twenty-one Democrats sided with the GOP.

Although Republicans may not have the numbers in Congress to repeal the plan, the latest numbers about the plan's cost may help. A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers explains that employee health fees are about to rocket to new heights. "For the first time, most of the American workforce is expected to have health insurance deductibles of $400 or more." In 2008, only a quarter of companies had deductibles that high. Meanwhile, as conservatives work to scrap the reforms, another state is doing its part to repeal the worst of them -- taxpayer-funded abortion. Monday morning, Louisiana joined Arizona, Mississippi, and Tennessee in telling the President that abortion isn't health care! The House and Senate both voted overwhelmingly to block government funding of abortion in the state. To read about what's next in the campaign to Replace, Repeal, and Restore, check out Rep. John Fleming's guest post on FRC Action's The Cloakroom Blog.

Icing on the Gay Wedding Cake?

What's left for homosexual activists to do after they've trampled voters on their way to the altar? In Washington, D.C., where same-sex "marriage" is legal (for now), the gay and lesbian crowd is just getting warmed up. Apparently, their updated political agenda spans everything from classroom infiltration to legalizing prostitution. During this week's "pride parade," newspapers snapped photos of some influential marchers. Among them, D.C.'s public school chancellor Michelle Rhee was carrying a sign that hinted of things to come in the Capital city's schools: "DCPS Supports All Kids and All Families," it read. Other pockets of the community are loudly proclaiming that same-sex "marriage" isn't the end of the road, but the beginning of a shocking new agenda. "I don't believe in unilateral political disarmament," said one resident.

The battle now heads to the ballot booth, and the roadmap there can be found in the Left's "Agenda 2010: An Election-Year Guide to Local LGBT Issues in Washington, D.C." Local groups will try to elect more homosexuals to places of power, push in-school gay-straight alliances, support D.C. sex-oriented businesses, defend adult entertainment, grant special perks to cross-dressing prisoners, force same-sex adoption, and legalize sex trafficking. Lots of people in this country mistakenly believe that this community will be satisfied when it redefines marriage. That's not the case. Homosexuals and transgenders won't be happy until they sever every moral underpinning in America. This has never been about "acceptance" or "equality" but about a devastating strategy meant to destroy innocence, the family, local communities, public health, and parental authority.

Government-Subsidized Assassins?

Americans have known for quite some time that their government is a major shareholder in the international abortion business. What they didn't know -- until today -- was exactly how much of their money had been spent on the destruction of innocent human beings. This morning, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) answered that question for the first time in a number of years with a staggering report on U.S. funding for abortion advocates . In just eight years, more than a billion of your hard-earned dollars have been funneled to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Population Council of the United States, Guttmacher Institute, Advocates for Youth and Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States . Each and every one of these organizations make it their mission to slaughter unborn babies by dismemberment, decapitation, and deadly chemicals. Planned Parenthood, the biggest beneficiary of your dollars, averaged over $90 million a year -- the largest portion of federal funds in the report.

Together with pro-life members and activists like Lila Rose, FRC organized a press conference on Capitol Hill to expose the incredible waste -- not only of dollars, but, more importantly, human lives. Our appreciation goes out to Congressman Pete Olson (R-Texas), who wrangled this report from GAO. We'll be posting video of the event, including remarks from FRC's own Ken Blackwell, on Thursday. In the meantime, encourage your members to help put a stop to this blood money by endorsing H.R. 614, Rep. Mike Pence's Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act.