Samesex marriage ballot measures

November 04, 1998

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The expensive and divisive fight over samesex marriage in Hawaii had been seen by supporters as a possible test case for other states.

Spending reports, filed in October, showed supporters of the amendment had raised nearly 1.3 million, and the opposition had raised 1.15 million. Much of the progay marriage money came from the Human Rights Campaign, a gay and lesbian civil rights group, while the traditional marriage money came from conservative Christian and other religious groups.

The money filled Hawaiis air waves with ads. The progay marriage side said Hawaiians shouldnt tamper with their constitution, and they suggested denying homosexuals the right to marry was akin to denying the rights of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Those who support traditional marriages said it was a matter of what society teaches its children. We would basically be telling our children this is alright, this is normal and natural, and we dont believe thats true, Linda Rosehill of Save Traditional Marriage said before the vote.

Voters in Alaska overwhelmingly approved a samesex marriage ballot initiative Tuesday. Alaskas measure goes one step beyond Hawaiis measure, by amending the constitution to limit marriage to exist only between one man and one woman.

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