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Never before seen GreenGas machines make Green sustainable fuel from air and water at any location where fuel is needed in any quantity.


  • We have two proven green ways to make the fuel and three green ways to use it.
  • Green NH3 is manufactured from simply air and water using clean renewable energy.
  • Not to be confused with brown ammonia which can come from coal or other fossil sources.

Power*  +  Green NH3 Synthesizer  = Zero Emission Fuel for less cost than gas and diesel


Producing NH3 as a green fuel

  • Only fuel except hydrogen that produces no greenhouse gases.
  • Anhydrous ammonia is an ultra-clean, energy-dense alternative liquid fuel.
  • Ammonia will power diesel and spark-ignited internal combustion engines, direct ammonia fuel cells, and even combustion turbines.

*Some possible Power sources that can be used:

  • wind
  • solar (p.v.)
  • nh3_converted_pickup1

  • daylight (not p.v.)
  • low cost off-peak
  • shore tidal
  • hydro
  • ocean wave
  • ocean temp diff.
  • ocean current

(photos right) NH3 converted truck. Even with the conversion from gasoline fuel to Ammonia (NH3) there is  not much difference under the hood.



The X-15 rocket plane set speed (4520 mph) and altitude records in the 1960s powered by NH3 fuel.
Ford tractor converted to use NH3 Tractor Trailer converted to use NH3
Locomotive converted to use NH3 fuel

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