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Nevada First, Politics Last

Welcome to Eugene "Gino" DiSimone for Governor 2010, Independent Non-Partisan, taking a stand for the People and the Constitution. Everyone everywhere is sick of Party politics! Ask your friends and co-workers. Everyone is saying it. We need real and credible solutions! It is time to put “politics and Parties" behind us. People are finished with "more of the same," and choosing the "lesser of two evils."

It's about the People! It’s about Nevada! It’s not about the Party.

Campaign Theme


  • Restructure Regents
  • Back to basics
  • Limit class sizes
  • Parental Attendance
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Raise Teacher Salaries
  • Post High School Edu.

Thank You!

Your contributions to the campaign are greatly appreciated. Donate here.

To Volunteer, please call our office at 775-544-2765, or email us at gino@ginoforgov.com.


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