The Kissin' Lion craft title

Supplies Needed:

  • Three 2" squares of 7 mesh plastic canvas  (Each square has 12 holes per side)
  • Yellow and Orange, 4-ply yarn
  • Two orange 1/2" pom poms for mouth area
  • One black 1/4" pom pom for nose
  • One yellow pipecleaner for tail & ears
  • Small piece of yellow felt for the feet
  • Two wiggle eyes
  • Small piece of white craft foam for teeth
  • Black thread for whiskers
  • Tacky glue
  • Yarn or tapestry needle, size 20
  • Scissors
  • Pattern for teeth and feet click here
The Kissin' Lion craft photo


This is a very easy craft, but an adult will need to assist younger children.  After one is made using these instructions, you will be able to look at the lion that is completed to make more.

1.  To begin, never tie a knot in the end of the yarn.  Instead, lay 1/2" of the end of the yarn on the wrong side of your canvas.  Turn the canvas over then take the first stitches catching the 1/2" piece to hold it in place.

 2.  For each of the three 2" squares thread the needle with about 2 yards length of yellow yarn. Begin in one corner leaving the corner square empty.  You will be starting in the second hole.  Take a stitch from one corner to the other, working in a diagonal pattern.  Repeat until the canvas square is covered.  Do not cut off the extra yarn yet.
3.  For the back piece go ahead and tie off yarn after you have covered the piece by running the yarn on the wrong side under a few stitches and cut off.
4.  For the front face piece after you have covered it completely as in step 2, whipstitch two of the plastic canvas edges to give the edge a nice finish.  When you cover the plastic edge take three stitches in the corner.  This helps cover the plastic completely.  Don't tie off the yarn yet. This will be the lion's mouth on the top that opens.
5.  Place the square made for the back piece on top of the face piece, wrong sides together. Thread the needle with orange yarn.  Join the two edges by making whipstitches through both pieces.  To make the mane take one regular stitch and then take another stitch only this time loop it around your finger and go into the same hole to make it stand up.  Next stitch make it the regular way and then loop around your finger and so on.  At the pointed top of the face piece make about three loop stitches for his bangs.

6.  Look at the sample at the bottom of the page.  It's the back view of the lion.  Notice that I have taken orange yarn and sewn it on top of the yellow for a striped effect.  To finish: take the needle to the wrong side, slide the needle under several stitches and cut.

7.  For the bottom piece whipstitch around two of the sides.  This is the bottom of the lion's mouth.  Be sure to take three stitches in each corner.
8.  Place the bottom piece with the unfinished edges of the back piece.  Whipstitch the pieces together.  Carry yarn to the wrong side, finish and cut.  The body of the lion is now complete and you are ready to add features.
9.  Cut out the pattern for the feet.  Then cut them out of yellow felt.  Attach them to the bottom of the lion with glue.  Have the feet sticking out of the front.
10.  From the white craft foam cut out the teeth using the pattern.  Glue the teeth on right at the pointed tip of the mouth on the top.

11.  Glue on the two orange pom poms for the mouth area covering the top of the teeth.  Then glue on the smaller black pom pom for the nose.  Glue on the two wiggle eyes.  Using black thread make whiskers by running through holes on each side of the nose and clip to desired length.

12.  Use the yellow pipecleaner to form a tail and ears.  You can wind a piece around a pencil to make the tail.  Then tie a bow with a piece of orange yarn on the tail.  For the ears and the tail, simply stick the end of the pipecleaners into the holes and bend them back on the inside to secure.
13.  After everything is completely dry, squeeze your lion's cheeks to open and place a chocolate candy kiss inside.  Lay a little note inside his mouth as shown in the sample's photo that reads:
Squeeze My Cheeks and I'll Give You a Kiss!

The Kissin' Lion craft back photo

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