'Oaks star hints at Jasmine plot climax

Thursday, October 28 2010, 09:07 BST
By Daniel Kilkelly, Soaps Editor
Bart McQueen from Hollyoaks
Lime Pictures
Hollyoaks star Jonny Clarke has predicted that his character Bart McQueen will be furious when he discovers his girlfriend Jasmine's big secret.

The show newcomers have grown close since their arrival in the village earlier this year, but Bart is currently unaware that Jasmine has Gender Identity Disorder and believes she was born into the wrong body.

This year's series of Hollyoaks Later has seen Jasmine struggle to keep her secret under wraps as she is being blackmailed by school bully Fern (Amy Gavin).

In an interview with the official Hollyoaks website, Clarke was asked how Bart would react if he ended up finding out the truth as events reach a climax this week.

The actor replied: "He would flip! Bart's a 'lad's lad' and he loves his ladies so it wouldn't go down too well, he'd be really confused. I really don't think he would ever see anything like that coming!"

Meanwhile, asked what is in store for his character in the coming weeks, Clarke revealed: "A little bit of petty crime, being started on as well as starting on people, a bit of action, and something really bad happens to him in episode four of Hollyoaks Later."

Hollyoaks Later continues tonight at 9pm on E4.
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