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The non-profit organization Estonian Internet Community (Eesti Interneti Kogukond) was founded in October 2010, partly in response to the highly controversial .ee domain reform. The organization was kickstarted by an astonishing 22 official signatory founding members with 829 members on the founding group’s Facebook page.

The organization’s goals include:

1. Organizing Estonian internet users in a more cohesive group.

2. Achieving more transparency in government’s internet-related policy-making. The absolute lack of transparency and the questionable practices of the new .ee domain manager were the key issues that brought the community together.

3. To represent the interests of Estonian internet users in government decisions.

4. Achieve and help keep net neutrality in Estonia.

5. Promote the founding of even more areas of free wireless internet.

6. Support the government in creating better laws so that Estonia would not be known for harboring cybercriminals and malware hosting providers.

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