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(HED)p.e. - TRUTH RISING (Review)

Rock, Metal, and Pop Reviews Wednesday, 27 October 2010 00:38

HED PEWhen reviewing their greatest hits collection MAJOR PAIN 2 INDEE FREEDOM this past July, I referred to (HED)p.e. as "rowdy cousins" that "show up, party hard, and you're really glad to see 'em - but then you don't hear from them for awhile." Within the latter half of 2010, the band has been around a bit more, touring hard, their profile rising again, and gaining some new listeners along the way. In the aforementioned review I also made note of the fact that the band has continually moved away from the earlier sound, and that's even more apparent on their new album TRUTH RISING (out now on Suburban Noize Records).


The band is decidedly harsher, re-energized, and bending genres once more. Hard rock, metal, hip-hop, and punk all seep into the 22 track set. Hell, there's even a blues break that pops up about halfway through "No Rest For The Wicked," and there's almost an industrial vibe that surfaces at times through creative use of sampling mixed with the heavy guitar crunch. Toss in the occasional death metal growl, and pretty much all bases are covered.


617czcYEcwL._SL500_AA300_With an increasingly political message, (HED)p.e. is becoming closer and closer in theme to former Sub Noize artists CORPORATE AVENGER on tracks like "Forward Go!," "No More Secrets," and the title track "Truth Rising."


Certain audiences will find the album "preachy," but that's ok once in awhile. Like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE before them, there's a place for an agenda in music when delivered with sincerity.


Suprisingly, tucked in-between the "2012" messages and jabs at organized religion is some overtly sexual content in the latter quarter of the record. Samples from sex-talk shows and shouts to the dick and pussy feel cheap and out-of-place here,  diminishing the sincerity of the serious tracks on the record despite a welcome and creative nod to DE LA SOUL's "Me, Myself, and I."



Rating: 3/5 Axes


Additional Info

  • Title: (HED)p.e. - TRUTH RISING
  • Label: Suburban Noize Records
  • Release Date: October 26, 2010
James Zahn

James Zahn

James Zahn is the Editor of  Kik Axe Music, and the Director of New Media for Kik Axe Entertainment. In addition to performing in bands himself, James has written for numerous publications, worked as an actor in television and film, and has continued working behind-the-camera in various capacities. He recently appeared in a commercial for Wendy's, and in October of 2009 appeared as a music expert on CNN's AC360.

James recently completed the third book in his DEATH WALKS THE STREETS comic book series, published by The Scream Factory, and is currently writing the fourth. He is also writing music for an album that may or may not bear the Saturday Action Theatre name.

Follow James on Twitter, or check out all of his adventures at his under-construction official website,



0 Music PassionPenegra 2010-10-27 02:06 #
Truth rising.. yup.. I have heard about it before a fortnight and now I am on this..I would love to hear the music here..
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0 RE: (HED)p.e. - TRUTH RISING (Review)Skola 2010-10-29 16:55 #
Best review of Truth Rising that i've read. I felt the same way about the sex-content songs. But I found'em a great band by their other records.
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