Top 10 events that may end the human race

Wed Oct 27, 10:24 AM

Meteor collisions, disease, famine, nuclear war, natural disasters, cosmic catastrophe? Is the end upon us or are we just being paranoid?

The end, whenever it occurs, could take several forms. Which one is most likely?

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10) Oil Crash

Some doomsayers predict an "Economic Hiroshima," or peak oil crisis, where fossil fuels dry up, triggering an economic meltdown followed by the collapse of the agricultural system and mass starvation. Please tell me French fries aren't an agricultural product.

  • Vote for an oil crash as the greatest threat to humanity:Top Threats to Human Existence

    9) Cyberterrorism

    In the old days, if you wanted to be a terrorist, you needed explosives. Today, all you need is an iPad. With the click of a mouse, baddies - whether religious zealots, political activists, or mischievous teenage hackers - can deploy nefarious computer worms that bring down power plants, hospital equipment, even nuclear facilities. The threat is such that the U.S. military is planning to quadruple its cyber-warrior force. And by cyber-warrior we mean 19-year-old Bill Gates in fatigues, armed with a USB stick, and a Doritos party pack.

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