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Abby dolls now available



Abby backpacks, clothing and everything else Abby now available everywhere!





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Sesame Street


Season 38 - Abby is a full-time cast member! August 13, 2007.



Abby Cadabby premiered during Season #37 on Sesame Street. Performed by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, the first new female Muppet in a long time was a welcomed and popular addition to the cast. With her success in just a couple shows, there was a lot more of Abby in season 38! As a matter of fact, Abby was made a giant balloon for the 2007 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!


For more information, clips of her in action and to see the balloon and more - click on the photo of Abby to go to  Abby's press page - includes interviews on "The View" and her spot as ABC News's "Person of the Week".


Sesame Street has lead the way in children's television since it's birth in 1969. There mission was to better prepare children when they enter the school and that mission continues through today. Sesame Street combines puppets, live actors and animation to help kids not only in areas of education, but also in relationships, sharing and caring for others, emotions and in health and fitness.


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Sesame World Wide Kids


Sesame World Wide Kids is another project Leslie is involved with at Sesame Workshop.


World Wide Kids is a group dedicated to helping children develop new skills to effect positive change in their community and participate in the global economy. Their mission is to prepare a new generation of kids to become globally aware, as well as understanding their role in society, to value diversity and exercise compassion.


That's a little deep for the pre-school age group, so the message is taught through the use of a new set of puppets. For more information, click on Leslie's favorite penguin, Koko (left).


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Johnny & The Sprites is an amazing new show on The Disney Channel. Weekends, now at 7:30am!


Part of The Disney Channel's "Playhouse Disney" weekend line up, this show is one of the channel's most popular pre-school programs, with over 17.5 viewers! Each new 15 minute episode is a mini-musical with a great message for the kids. Two episodes run back to back on Saturday and Sundays at 7:30am.


Leslie performs as Ginger, an energetic, tomboy-ish sprite who is adventurous and who can also fly!  For more information, show clips and coloring book pages you can download, click on the picture of Ginger (r.) to be taken to the JATS page.


JATS is now avalible on CD & DVD! For more information visit Ginger's Page by clicking on Ginger's photo or the button on the right.


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Nate the Great is an new animated series for PBS based on the popular series of detective books. Leslie is performing as our hero Nate, a young boy with a big imagination.


This show should be premiering next year, and we'll keep you posted with any updates we get...including a photo!



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Acting on Sesame Street

Leslie as an actual human on Sesame Street! Brought to you by the letter "I" - Leslie is "Iris" in a "Private I" sketch with T.R. Knight (George from Grey's Anatomy) sans a puppet on her hand! (not that there's anything wrong with that!) . The sketch aired on September 6th and now, is available HERE for viewing.

Click on Iris (l.) to see either the full 3 minute sketch or a 2 minute edited version.

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Sesame Beginnings is a DVD series aimed at having parents and pre-K kids work together in fun ways to learn. Baby versions of popular Sesame Street characters (Elmo, Big Bird, Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster) are seen with their moms, dads and grandparents learning and playing together in fun ways.


Leslie performs Prairie Dawn's mom, Delta. (r.). For more information, click Delta's picture for the "reruns" page which links to the Sesame Workshop web site where you can check out clips of the series.



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For more shows, currently enjoying re-runs or DVD life - as well as a Podcast radio show, please click on Edi the Zebra (l.) from the TLC show Animal Jam to go to the re-run pages.


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