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The Bachelor: Gia Allemand Interviewed PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Sammi-T   
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 16:25

The Bachelor: Gia AllemandThe Bachelor

Gia Allemand
By Sammi-T

Gia Allemand is best known for being the gorgeous swimsuit model on The Bachelor (Jake's season) and Bachelor Pad. Since then, her life has been a whirlwind of excitement. In addition to her post-Bachelor appearances, she has been cast as Ava Gardner in a new movie.

I recently interviewed Gia about her reality TV experiences, her new projects and how it all began!

The Bachelor: Gia Allemand1. What made you decide to go on the Bachelor to find the love of your life?

Gia Allemand: My boyfriend had just broken up with me a few months prior and I was having a hard time dating and my friends gave me the idea of "The Bachelor" so I gave it a shot.
2. If you could change anything about the experience what would it be and why?

Gia Allemand: There's alot of things looking back that I would change, but you can't live in regret.
3. Why did you decide to do Bachelor Pad after being rejected on The Bachelor?

Gia Allemand: I was back and forth about going on the Bachelor Pad, yet it was an opportunity to win a lot of money. I always wanted to start my own farm to rescue dogs and that is how I intended to use winnings.

4. Is it something you would do again?

Gia Allemand: Only if I'm single.

5. Tell me about your modeling career ? How did you get started?

Gia Allemand: I had never thought about modeling. I was approached for a swimsuit competition when I was 19 and after I won, everything else kind of just went from there.

6. What are you working on now in your career?

Gia Allemand: I am transitioning out of modeling, so right now I'm working on movie opportunities, and some songwriting.

7. Would you go back into reality TV?

Gia Allemand: Yeah, I like reality TV.

8. Why or why not?

Gia Allemand: You get to show people the good and the bad in yourself.

9. What made you interested in acting?

Gia Allemand: Before modeling I was a professional ballet dancer. I took acting in high school and through half of college.  Acting and performing was always a passion for me.

10. Why were you so drawn to this role as Ava Gardner?

Gia Allemand: Everyone has their icon that they relate to, andAva Gardner has always been mine. She has so many similarities that I see in myself. She was misunderstood, naive, and all she ever wanted was the fairytale ending.

11. Do you have any regrets about going into reality TV?

Gia Allemand: No regrets. Reality TV has opened up alot of oportunities to help others. Charity has always been something close to my heart and after being on the show I get contacted alot to help out with charities and fundraisers.

12. What are your plans for the future? 

Gia Allemand: Right now I'm just focusing on work.

13. What is a fun and interesting fact about you that would surprise your fans?

Gia Allemand: I can never sit still.  Even when I am on the phone I pace back and forth.

14. Anything else you want to tell your fans?

Gia Allemand: I just want to thank everyone for supporting me.  I really do appreciate it.


To contact Gia Allemand for media or entertainment opportunities, please reach publicist Penelope Jean

Comments (8)Add Comment
Love Gia! She's the best.
written by GiaFan, October 27, 2010
Gia, I so respecte and admire you and all your many efforts to save innocent animals and find them homes. Lots of success in your career.
Gia is a pretty gem and more!
written by Cheryl w, October 27, 2010
So glad that u made the decision to go on abc shows and u are really beautiful...u deserve to find lifelong love, success as u define it, and of course, enough dinero to keep buying those louboutins.
Good Luck!
written by Sue Rego, October 27, 2010
Best of luck to you in all your endeavors. You are so beautiful -- loved following you on the reality shows and being a fan!
Sue R from Holyoke, MA
written by Chris L fan, October 27, 2010
I liked Gia on the Bachelor but she did not impress me on the Bachelor Pad. Actually, she's way too into herself and that is obvious by the stuff she twitters. She is no Ava Gardner either.
Not So Fast
written by Robert C., October 28, 2010
Hey, Chris L., judging a book by its cover is never a good idea. Gia isn't about herself. That is a gross fallacy. She is selfless. If you met her, you would know just how wrong your speculation is. She truly appreciates her fans and friends, so she shares with them. Can you honestly say you would handle that type of attention any differently? The day you meet Gia, shoot me an email telling me how wrong you were about her.
written by chick couldn't live without a camera or ten thousand mirrors in her house, October 29, 2010
Gia is fake and insecure. Skin and bones with fake breasts. All about Gia. Men see through her and I sure hope Wes. She is a player and played out. Pretty much a fabrication of her own shallow imagination. Although, Ali is way worse. WAY WORSE. Poor Roberto. Lucky Chris L.
written by Lin, October 29, 2010
Obviously, some posters on this board are extremely jealous of Gia. She has never came across as fake...sometimes insecure, yes, but so what?! She also is not skin and bones. As for Ali, there is nothing wrong with her, except she saw through that nasty Vienna...hey, maybe these posters are Vienna on here in disguise. Roberto considers himself pretty lucky, and he and Ali are making a success of their relationship.
written by TRUE FACT, October 29, 2010
I highly doubt Roberto's family is pleased with Ali. She seems pretty selfish. Roberto will wake up, hopefully, before any marriage takes place. Ali is faker than Gia ever thought to be.

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