Following the ‘Dead’

Local lands recurring role in AMC’s new zombie series

By Matt Wake

October 19, 2010

Following the ‘Dead’
Of note: This is not Adam Minarovich. This is what looks to be one very pissed off zombie. (Credit: Scott Garfield © TWD productions LLC)

Every page of “The Walking Dead” scripts Anderson actor Adam Minarovich received had his name watermarked on it. Such security measures are common on AMC’s “Mad Men,” and the cable network is taking similar precautions for its new post-apocalyptic zombie thriller, which is being executive produced by “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile” director Frank Darabont.

“If you’re not cast or crew you were not going in,” Minarovich, 33, says of the Atlanta shoot. “It was pretty much ‘Everyone shut up and don’t say anything about what you just saw.’ Which is understandable.”

Debuting 10 p.m. Oct. 31, “The Walking Dead” is based on the ongoing comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Minarovich’s character, survivor camp member “Ed,” is introduced about midway through the six-episode season.

Darabont wrote every episode. Could you feel his signature vibe?
Oh, yeah. There’s always this lingering sense of danger in everything I’ve seen of his. Even when it’s calm it’s not. I think that’s what makes you stay glued to it.

Were you familiar with the comic book?
I hadn’t sat down and read a comic book since I was 15. This is far from the comic books I read as a kid. It’s like watching a movie unfold, page after page. After I finished the first (comic) I was like, “OK, this is why they’re making a TV show out of this.”

So they added the Ed character specifically for you?
I read for a couple of parts, and tried to be real true to the comic book. I thought the reads went OK, but I got word that I didn’t really fit the characters. So I was pretty depressed. But my agent calls up and says, “They really liked your read so they’re going to write you a part.” I thought it was a joke at first.

How did you celebrate once you knew it wasn’t a joke?
A lot of driving and no sleep, going back and forth to Atlanta. Being married now and having a five-year-old daughter, the celebrating is a lot different these days. It used to be in bars and now it’s at Outback.

What did you learn from working with Darabont on-set?
The crazy thing is although he’s the guy that got me in there I never got to meet him. He directed the pilot and they had guest directors for every other one, but everything they shot had to be sent to him and approved.

But Gail Anne Hurd was on-set, the producer of everything. (Laughs.) “The Terminator” movies, “Aliens,” you name it. Her eyes were on the monitor at all times. You would think someone like her, who’s produced such big movies, would be in an air-conditioned room. It was 100 degrees out there and she didn’t flinch.

To pay the bills, you and your cousin run a mobile phone/gold resell store. What’s the most unusual gold item your shop has bought lately?
A lot of grills. (Laughs.)

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