Charade G20

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Daihatsu Charade G20


For the most european Daihatsu Charade fan's the G20 is a mysth, maybe someone heard from it but never seen in real life...

As it done to me, I tought this was a mistake or the import company named it special for his country (Chile and Argentina) but it is'nt. It is true, also the body number refer it as "G20" as you can see:

And also it has his own type plate...


The Daihatsu Charade G20 was a special creation for the south American market, comes as MK-1 and also MK-2.

In detail it is a standard G10 Charade with a special engine how can handle low octan fuel (84 Octan, Ethanol fuel)

Enginetype: CD

Mass: 843ccm


But I don't have more details :(

If YOU have more details about the G20 please send me an e-mai: