Council-controlled organisations

Council-controlled organisations (CCOs) will deliver some services and manage some facilities on Auckland Council’s behalf.

CCOs are organisations, trusts or companies in which a council controls 50 per cent or more of the votes or has the right to appoint 50 per cent (or more) of directors or trustees.

The CCOs are independent of the council’s operations and, in the case of companies, are set up under company law and have their own boards of directors. However, they are also accountable to Auckland Council.

We will agree statements of intent with each of our CCOs, which will include performance measures. The CCOs will also have a role in helping achieve the objectives in the council’s long-term plan and other strategic plans, such as the spatial plan.

The board of each CCO must nominate two meetings every year to be open to the public. One meeting must be before 30 June to consider the draft Statement of Intent, and the other after 1 July to consider the CCO’s performance under the Statement of Intent for the previous financial year. The board also has to allow reasonable time for the public to address the meetings.

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