Our Congratulations to Bill Haslam the Declared Winner

of Tonight's Election

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
when the government

fears the people, there is liberty."
Thomas Jefferson

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We Want To THANK ALL those Who have helped with our campaign. Win, Lose or Draw, We've Come To Meet So Many Wonderful People Across This Great State. From Carl, Chris and the Entire Team, THANK YOU for your vote, support and Prayers, God Bless.

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November 2, 2010

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We want to thank ALL those who have voted for us today

and all those who have contributed time, money and resources to our campaign. Many Thanks! Thanks for the ton of emails we

have received today from those who have voted!












From the Endorsement Page:

 Kellie Vance,  Bristol, TN

Dear Mr. Whitaker,

Today is election day and I have waited until the last minute to do my research,

but I just could not in good faith vote for Haslam. I wish now that I had learned of you earlier - I would have donated or worked otherwise for your election.  I am heading off to the polls and will give you my vote - at least I can sleep at night that way.

Wade McClwllan, Kingsport TN

I believe you are the right man for the job. I voted and encouraged others to vote for you.


Regards and GOOD LUCK!

Jessica Mitchell, Knoxville, TN

You have my vote! God Bless!

 Anita Shea,  Atoka, TN

Finally, a candidate that speaks the truth!

Crystal Minta, Sevierville, TN, 2010


The time is coming to make a decision of who we want to run our state. We have made mistakes in the past with Mr. Bredesen and then make complaints for 8 years. (after re-electing him again) Stop and really take a look at where our state is now... is it better? Are we where we need to be? In our town, the answer is No!!!!

I see our children who our now graduating with no future... They have no jobs to work at so they have children cause they are not busy. So now you have young adults having children, they don't have jobs and cant support their families. What has anyone done to bring in jobs for future generations?

Mr. Bredesen was born with money and so was Mr. Haslam they both have used pockets full of money to win elections. Do we have that kind of money in your pockets?? I know I don't. What would I do with that kind of money... feed my family...put them in good schools when the time comes to graduate... most of all have the money to pay bills and have a little extra for things my kids want!

Carl Whitaker was not born with money to blow like the others. He has done his campaign with little money. His signs are not huge blown up signs that I see Bill Haslam has posted everywhere. In fact his signs are made from volunteers who support him who want to put the better person in office.

I want to see someone who has been where we have into office so that he knows the issues we face everyday! Someone who won't forget what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. You all know what I'm talking about. Juggle bills to make ends meet. Sometimes even have to go to the food bank to feed your children for the week.

Why not put someone in who can do better for us!!! Who is not filling his pockets with more money but someone to help us fill our pockets with a little more. Think of our children... our future!!!!!!!! MR. WHITAKER YOU ALREADY HAD MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO SPEND THE NEXT 4 YEARS COMPLAINING ABOUT WHO IS RUNNING THIS STATE BUT SPEND THE NEXT 4 YEARS TALKING ABOUT WHO IS TAKING CARE OF THIS STATE.



BJ Corn, Crawford Tn, October 2010

Carl, I feel as though you will be the best choice of all of the candidates for ANY of the positions that are open! Please show the republicans and democrats how to act like a human being with actual compassion! I believe with all my heart that you will represent any and all PEOPLE - not just democrats, republicans, or certain religions or groups---- but ALL of the people.


 Tom Lumpkins, Woodlawn, Tennessee, October 2010

I sure hope that Tennessee puts you in the Gov Seat.. We need a good man in there that cares for Tennesseans and I think your the man, I voted early and your my Choice. I recently had a Friend and his daughter that was out enjoying a ride on his Harley Davidson, and was Killed by a Mexican that wasn't here legally, The Mexican didn't have a driver's license and the paper said there was no charges placed against him. That my friend is a shame.. I don't think the man did it intentionally and I don't blame those people for trying to come up here and better there self, I do blame our local and fed government for not doing anything about this problem. There life style will not come up to our standards. Our life style will go down to there's... I pray that something is done soon or we are all in for a long rough ride.. Thank you sir.. and I hope you are our next Gov....Tom


Melanie Willard, October 2010


Hello Carl!
I was sitting here looking at candidates for governor here in TN, and ran across you. I had never heard of you, but absolutely LOVE the platform that you are running on "We The People". I have been looking for a candidate who will uphold the constitution. Because we the people are fed up with straying so far from it. It's time to get back to the constitution.  I believe we should find a way to get rid of this illegal and unconstitutional health care bill. The government cannot makes up buy anything. It's unconstitutional!  As for the immigration issue. This is one of the most important issues in my mind. We are being taken over by illegal immigrants...Still to this day I do not understand how an illegal alien can get food stamps, welfare, a tutor at school (because they won't learn our language), and are exempt, more or less, from laws that citizens have to uphold.

I had a friend that was on a motor cycle and was hit by an illegal alien that had no insurance. Do you think that man had to pay any of my friends hospital bills, or have to go to jail, because he ran a red light. NO! My friend almost died and has had many strokes because of his injuries, and has had to claim bankruptcy because of the excessive hospital bills. And nothing was done to the illegal alien. He got to go home that night to his family, and was in no trouble. So, this issue should be #1 in my book.  Lastly, It really doesn't matter what religion I am, but I do believe that a marriage should be a women and man. Anything else is wrong. What they do on their on is their business and I will not bother them, because this is America, but to make it legal is wrong.


I leave you with one of my favorite quotes that I am sure that you have heard
"Where the people fear the government, you have tyranny, where the government fears the people, you have liberty."

Gail Browder, Old Fort TN, October 2010

Dear Mr Carl (Twofeathers) Whitaker, I am female, white and educated & Unemployed! I have student loans to pay and no one is hiring, the Schools say I am too qualified can't afford to pay a Master's degree) and the other industries says I have no experience. I am a retired Air Force Veteran. I voted for you because I am tired of the two same party lines. I feel you will help the everyday citizens to find jobs and to uphold our constitution. I pray that you have a chance against the big party members and win. If anyone in their right mind would investigate and make the right choice I am sure you will be the people's vote. Thank - you for trying. I will voice this to my friends and family that you are the one to win, Gail

Randall Foster, Oak Ridge, TN, October 2010

Carl and Campaign,

I voted for Carl in early voting and only learned of him a day before I voted, shame on me!! I was taking the official feed and only knew of Haslam, McWherter and of course Basil Marceau via YouTube. I like what Carl stands for and think he needs to expand his appeal to embrace all Tennesseans. From what I read Carl seems to be a viable and vital candidate and a real choice over the established candidates as we all know what we'll get with them, the same!!!

Good luck Carl, I will continue to follow you and let's aim for 2014

John Coltharp, October 2010



Paul Wright, October 2010


Today I voted for you just from what I have read on line about you. I am proud that I did , we share a common thread , our home and it's beauty I cannot claim your heritage because over the years my ancestry has been riddled with Europeans but my great grandma told me to keep her state of mind which I pass to my kids . How can I help I live in Erin, I would really like a sign and bumper sticker if possible thank you

Jeff Pedigo, Spring Hill, TN, October 2010


I voted for you today. I am a libertarian (lower case "l"). I appreciate your efforts in the 2006 race. I wish I knew more about your campaign before today. I wasn't planning on being very active until after the mid-term election, but would like to help for the next couple weeks if I can.


Brenda Johnson , Bristol, TN, October 2010


As you know we have spoke many times, I know you are best for Tennessee; Best wishes Two Feathers, I am pulling for you 100%. please everyone just get out there and vote Two Feathers he is honest and will do a good job for this state

Darrel Easter, Bartlett, TN


Dear Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker:
I am an independent thinker.  The two party system has surely degenerated to representing big business and control by the elite and monied interests...not the interests of the citizenry and the State and the Country.
I favor independent people who stand for Constitutional principles, all of the people, and one understanding the differences various people have.

As such, I have taken the time to research the candidates who represent the independents. Of the list, only a few show up on my potential vote list. I have chosen you for my vote. I hope I am not wrong in my choice.
I only wish other voters take the time for real and true consideration of who they wish to serve.

I believe you have the best interests in heart for the citizenry and also,

the ability to speak your mind when needed.

We always shared a laugh or two these past two years on the campaign trail


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