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Cell Biology for Life
By Katayoun Chamany

Welcome to the online home of Cell Biology for Life ( CBL )

Cell Biology for Life is a collection of teaching materials and assignments that explore three socially relevant topics: Stem Cells, Botulinum Toxin, and HPV.

Each topic is organized as a separate “module” and each module contains:

  • Primer (reviews the science and social implications of the topic)
  • Assignments (activities for the classroom or homework)
  • Teaching Notes, Answer Keys, and Sample Student Work
  • Learning Resources (rubrics, guides, and assessment materials)
  • Timeline (highlights key developments in the field)
  • References (refers to literature and multi-media)

Although each module contains a variety of assignments, the assignments can be used independently of one another or in combination. We encourage you to browse through the various assignments and select the ones that would work best for your class.

CBL encourages students to view cell biology as a dynamic field of study whose applications can be seen in everyday life. The stem cell module reviews eukaryotic cells, cell signaling, and stem cell politics. The botulinum toxin module introduces prokaryotic cells, focuses on specialized cell functions such as neurotransmission, and illustrates toxin use and abuse. The HPV module details the complex interplay between viruses and cells and the implications for cellular pathogenesis within the context of new diagnostics and vaccines.

The modules encourage students to read primary and secondary literature, but also refer to traditional textbook readings from Essential Cell Biology, Second Edition, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Fourth Edition, and Biology Today, Third Edition.

To learn more about the guiding pedagogy of CBL , please read the philosophy section.

If you have any questions or comments about this site or are interested in collaborating on a project assessing student learning with CBL please contact:

Katayoun Chamany
Eugene Lang College , The New School for Liberal Arts


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