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October 1, 2010
Dudley Wins Debate, Kitzhaber Fails To Offer New Ideas, Fails To Change Momentum Of Race Chris Dudley offers plans and promises change, job creation, budget reform and education reform Portland – At Thursday night’s KGW/Oregonian debate, John Kitzhaber failed to change the momentum ...

September 28, 2010
Dudley Calls On Kitzhaber/Unions To Embrace, Not Reject, Teacher Improvement Reforms Oregon City Teachers’ Union May Walk Away From Funding and Reforms to Improve Education Lake Oswego – Today, Chris Dudley called on Governor John Kitzhaber to join him in urging the Oregon City teachers’ un...

September 26, 2010
Chris Dudley Offers A New Direction At League of Oregon Cities Forum Eugene - Josh Ginsberg, campaign manager for Chris Dudley for Governor, released the following statement in reaction to today's League of Oregon Cities Forum: “From the outset of this campaign, Chris has traveled the ...

September 11, 2010
I’m sure many of you saw The Oregonian story today that confirmed what I’ve said all along, I bought a house in Washington state in 1994.  They also reported that while I was playing for the Blazers I paid over $460,000 in Oregon income taxes. This is an issue I have always been open and willi...

September 9, 2010
I am a mother of six children, four of which are in public schools today and I am disheartened by the direction our education system is headed.  There is an acceptance in our state that the status quo is good enough – that doing just enough, is good enough for our kids.  I decided to stand up an...

September 8, 2010
Oregon women are amazing! We make things happen! From the Oregon Trail to modern day, women have always played a vital role in our state’s history and in shaping its future. We are the strong (and busy) mothers, daughters, sisters, teachers, students, business owners, service employees, facto...

October 22, 2010
  Kitzhaber, Dudley court votesJohn SowellThe News-ReviewFriday, October 22nd Former Portland Trail Blazer Chris Dudley would like to become the first Republican governor in Oregon since Vic Atiyeh, the man who defeated McCall in the 1978 primary and who went on to serve two terms. ... Dudley, a Yale University graduate with degrees in econo...

Dudley Drops By Oregon City Phone Bank 4:00PMOreg...

Dudley Thanks Volunteers At The Beaverton Phone Ba...


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