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Common Sense, Common Ground

Words from a voter....

Mead is the neophyte
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The race for governor this year seems to come down to whether or not we want someone who knows what they are doing and has plenty of experience or whether we want to "throw the baby out with the bath water" and hope the neophyte can learn on the job.

According to recent polls, 77 percent of Wyomingites are happy with the way Wyoming is headed and with the Freudenthal administration. There is one candidate who has experience in governing in the state who will continue many of Dave Freudenthal's policies, and that candidate is Leslie Petersen.

Petersen served as Gov. Ed Herschler’s legislative liaison for two sessions. Gov. Mike Sullivan appointed her to the Wyoming Water Development Commission where she served for eight years, and for two years she headed the State Democratic Party, where she worked hand in hand with Freudenthal and representatives from all our counties. She has held public office, serving for five years on the Teton County Commission.

The neophyte in this race is Matt Mead. Mr. Mead has great experience as an attorney, but none working with the state government. He has never been elected to any office, and his administration is nil. If Mead is elected, the state’s progress that 77 percent of Wyomingites say they enjoy will stall.

Wyoming, wake up and smell the coffee. Vote for Leslie Petersen for governor.


I am very thankful for your support and now that we’re down to the last few weeks I need your help more than ever.

Please support my bid for Governor by helping us out with these critical tasks;

  • Put up a sign in your yard, or help us put one  up in your friend’s and neighbor’s yards.  We have people in and around the state prepared with signs you can pick up or have delivered to you. Just email
  • Write letters to your local paper supporting Leslie in her effort.
  • Volunteer with your local coordinator to canvass a neighborhood. (Click here for a list of local coordinators.)
  • Support our efforts to get the word out by sending a DONATION.  As you may know we are being outspent about 10 to 1, which means we have to be extraordinarily efficient getting our message out, and we rely on mostly volunteers.  

So here we go, down to crunch time.  Please support an experienced candidate who will bring balance to the issues facing Wyoming, VOTE Leslie Petersen Nov. 2!

All Best,

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