Thank You for Your Support

Thank you to all the Marylanders who chose an independent voice for a sustainable, just, and Green Maryland in this year’s election. Over 10,000 of you cast votes for me and Ken Eidel, and we thank you for your support. Please visit the Maryland Green Party website to learn more and get involved in building a stronger, more visible Green Party.

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Time to Vote for the Governor You Want

It’s time to stop voting for the lesser of two evils and vote for what you want.

The Sun and other mainstream media outlets would have you believe this race is only between Martin O’Malley and Robert Ehrlich, but many of you know better. You have a real choice today: whether to hold your nose and vote for someone who has done nothing to make your life better or you can vote for the candidate who will make your life better, who will transform our communities and who will stand up to the corporate and special interests that have controlled our government for far too long.

You do have a choice today. You can vote for me, Maria Allwine, for governor…(read more here)

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“We Owe it to Ourselves Not to Throw Our Votes Away”

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Check Maria Out on Maryland Morning

On Monday, WYPR’s Sheilah Kast sat down with three candidates for Governor of Maryland, including Maria Allwine. Click here to hear a podcast of the show.

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Get Out and Vote Green!

Early voting is open and all Marylanders will go to the polls next Tuesday. We need at least 1% (hopefully many, many more) of Marylanders to vote Green! Please e-mail, call, and visit all your friends and ask them vote for Maria Allwine for Governor and Ken Eidel for Lt. Governor. With your help, we can show Marylanders they CAN choose a just, sustainable, people-powered government. Thank you for voting and vote Green!

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More on the Debate O’Malley and Ehrlich Don’t Want You to Hear – Healthcare

Medicare for All. It’s the only way to control costs, provide equal access to services, remove the linkage between employment and access to health care and guarantee that every person in Maryland can see a doctor when they get sick. We can still do this here in Maryland and I will work with Healthcare Now of Maryland to ensure that it does.

Why should insurance companies be a part of any health care system? Do they heal anyone? Do insurance company CEOs bind our wounds? There is no good reason – except skyrocketing profits for them – for our health care system to be this way…(read more here)

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The Debate O’Malley and Ehrlich Don’t Want You To Hear

Tuesday night, the League of Women Voters hosted a debate to which all five candidates running in the gubernatorial election were invited. The two with all the money, O’Malley and Ehrlich, refused to attend (after saying maybe) while the three independent party candidates not only showed up but engaged in a substantive discussion of the issues we face. O’Malley and Ehrlich have consistently not only refused to debate us, but have denied the voters of Maryland even the knowledge, much less the substance of, the real choices they have on November 2. Here is what some voters heard last night…(read more here)

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Maria to Debate All Challengers at LVW Forum

Maria Allwine has accepted the Montgomery County League of Women Voters’ invitation to appear this Tuesday from 7:30-9. All five candidates for Governor of Maryland have been invited to attend. Will Governor O’Malley and Robert Ehrlich contribute to a fair debate over this important election by attending the event? Come out and see!

The event will be held at the Cultural Center at Montgomery College, 7995 Georgia Avenue, Takoma Park.

Stay tuned for viewing opportunities. To join the campaign mailing list, click here.

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Maria Allwine Fights Back Against Exclusion from Forums


-This is not the first time BUILD has excluded third party/independent candidates

-Maria Allwine files formal complaint with the IRS and Maryland State Board of Elections over possible violations of BUILD’s tax-exempt status

-Allwine has been refused an invitation from BUILD but will attend the event in Silver Spring on Thursday, October 14th at 7:30pm and demand to b e heard

The allegedly “non-partisan” group, BUILD, has again excluded independent party candidate, Maria Allwine (Green), as well as Susan Gaztanaga (Libertarian) and Eric Knowles (Constitution) from its gubernatorial “non-partisan accountability action” event in Silver Spring, MD on October 14. See the below communication from BEC, BUILD, and IAF which was sent to Allwine by a supporter.

Allwine was told today by Rob English, lead organizer for BUILD, that the organization’s leadership had met and decided she will not be invited to the event. He also told Allwine that Gov. O’Malley is slated to appear, and that former governor Robert Ehrlich is unable to attend. Allwine’s letter to the IRS and the Maryland State Board of Elections is attached as a PDF with the text at the end of this email.

In 2007, during her run for Baltimore City Council President, Maria Allwine was forcibly prevented from speaking at a BUILD event for the other city council president and mayoral candidates and was promised by a BUILD representative that another forum would be scheduled to include her. Later numerous phone calls by Allwine to BUILD failed to produce the promised forum.

BUILD claims to be non-partisan, but is clearly partisan in its deliberate exclusion of three of the five candidates running for governor. We are concerned that BUILD may be in violation of its tax-exempt status by engaging in electioneering for the Democratic Party candidate, Martin O’Malley and against the Green, Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates, both in violation of its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Since former Governor Robert Ehrlich is not attending and may have not been expected to attend by this event’s organizers, the event becomes a rally for the Democratic Party candidate which violates BUILD’s tax-exempt status.

BUILD’s refusal to allow independent party candidates to speak at their forums and events undermines our democratic process, solidifies the stranglehold Maryland’s one-party system has on state and local governments and denies the voters of Maryland the opportunity to hear ALL the candidates and decide for themselves which candidate is worthy of their votes.

For more information, please contact:

Maria Allwine
Green Party Candidate for Governor

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Listen to Maria’s Appearance on the Steiner Show

Click here for a podcast of the show.

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