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Welcome to the Yale University Manuscripts and Archives Tutorial. This tutorial is designed to orient individuals to the methods for locating primary source material at Yale, particularly in Manuscripts and Archives, and to answer frequently asked questions about doing research in our department. The tutorial can also be helpful to those trying to find manuscript and archival material in other repositories. The instruction provided is of a general nature and cannot address all details and exceptions. For specific requests, please contact the reference staff of Manuscripts and Archives.

A few notes about the tutorial:

Throughout this tutorial we have included illustrations, some of which must be viewed to understand the text while others provide an exhibit of the types of materials found in our collections. By clicking on the thumbnail size images, one can study an enlarged captioned version and learn more about Yale history and document creation.

The pages of the tutorial can be viewed in any order, but we recommend that you initially move sequentially using the "GO" buttons at the bottom of each page.

We welcome comments on the usefulness and clarity of this tutorial. Please contact us at

This tutorial was initially funded by a grant from the Yale University Library Standing Committee on Professional Awareness in 1997. The tutorial was revised and updated in 2000 and 2002. Diane E. Kaplan and William R. Massa, Jr. wrote the text with editorial assistance from Tom Hyry and other members of the Manuscripts and Archives staff. Nick Beauchamp designed and built the initial web interface, and Nicole Becks provided technical assistance with the revisions.

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