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The construction of the Mioveni Car Plant began in 1966. Following the licence contract signed between Renault and the Romanian state, in 1968, the plant started manufacturing the Dacia 1100, under the R8 licence; in 1969, the model was followed by the Dacia 1300, under the R12 licence. Between 1970 and 1980, Dacia develops a complete product line-up, including various types of personal and commercial vehicles. Despite the termination of the licence contract, after 1978, Automobile Dacia carries on the production of vehicles derived from the Renault 12 range. 1995 marks the launch of the first 100%-Romanian designed motorcar, the Dacia Nova. 


1998 was the year that celebrated three decades of production at the plant and the 2,000,000th car to have rolled off Dacia’s the assembly line. The same year, Dacia received the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification.



Construction of the Mioveni Car Plant



Licence contract signed Renault

Launch of the Dacia 1100 (under the Renault 8 licence)



Launch of the Dacia 1300 (under the Renault 12 licence)



Launch of the Dacia 1300 Estate



Launch of the Dacia 1302 Pick-Up



Termination of the licence contract



Launch of the Dacia 1320



Launch of the Dacia 1325 Liberta



Launch of the Dacia 1307 and 1309 Double Cabin



Launch of the Dacia Nova, the first 100%-Romanian designed car



The  ISO 9001 Certification

Production of  the 2,000,000th car


Dacia and Renault together for over 35 years

On 2nd July 1999, Dacia becomes one of Renault Group’s brands, under the privatization contract, having as its main mission to sustain the Group’s development on emerging markets. In November 2002, Dacia launches the first commercial vehicle range boasting Renault diesel engines. The 1.4 MPI Dacia Solenza was launched in April 2003, followed by the 1.9 diesel version in September 2003. In 2004, Dacia launches the Dacia Logan, with its two 1.4 and 1.6 petrol versions. The CKD (ILN) Exports Centre is inaugurated in 2005, at the same time as the third Logan model – the 1.5 dCi version.  In 2005, the Logan lead Dacia to beat all its production (172,000 units) and sales (164,000 units) records.




Renault purchases 51% of Dacia’s capital



Launch of the Dacia SupeRNova, equipped with a Renault engine



Launch of the commercial vehicle range equipped with Renault diesel engines



Launch of the Dacia Solenza

Renault’s participation to Dacia’s capital amounts to 99%

Inauguration of the Spare Parts Centre



Launch of the Logan

End of production for the sedan and estate models (1,959,730 units manufactured since 1968)

End of production for the 1.6 C  68 hp engine (2,527,155 units manufactured since 1971)



Launch of the diesel Logan

The ISO 14001 Environment Certification

Production of the 2,500,000th car

Inauguration of the CKD Exports Centre

Total production record : over 172,000 units



Launch of the New Logan Collection and of the Logan Prestige Version, equipped with the 1.6 16V (105 hp), in September

Launch of the Logan MCV at the Paris Motor Show in October

End of fabrication for the old Dacia Pick-Up (December)



Launch of the Logan Van (January)

Launch of the Logan GPL (May)

Launch of the 1.5 dCI 85 hp Logan (September)

Production of the 500,000th Logan (September)

Launch of the Logan Pick-Up at the Bucharest Motor Show (October)

Production of the 3,000,000th Dacia car



Launch of the Dacia Sandero at the Geneva Motor Show (June)

Launch of the New Logan sedan (July)

Launch of the New Logan MCV at the Paris Motor Show (October)

The ISO 14001 Environment Certification (21st October)

Production of the 50,000th Dacia Sandero (November)



Production of Dacia Sandero no. 100,000 at Mioveni Assembly Plant (13th of May)

The 5th anniversary since the presentation of the first Dacia Logan car (2nd of June)

Launch of the Dacia Environmental Declaration (5th of June)

Launch of the Stepway version for Dacia Sandero"

Introduction of 1,2 16 V 75 HP engine for Dacia Logan sedan and Dacia Sandero

(22nd of June)

Launch of the Prestige version for Logan MCV (24th of June)

The 10-year anniversary since Dacia was taken over by the Renault Group (2nd of July)

Dacia Powertrain Plant manufactures its 1,000,000 petrol engine of the K7series (22nd of July)

Renault Mécanique Roumanie manufactures its 100,000 gearbox for the Renault-Nissan Alliance (30th of July)

Sealynx Automotive Romania, sealing system supplier for Dacia, inaugurates its plant in Dirmanesti, Arges county (31st of July)

Production of the vehicle no. 1,000,000 on the X90 platform (3rd of September)

Production of the vehicle no. 3,500,000 by the Dacia Assembly Plant since the beginning of its activity (9th of September)

Production of the Logan MCV no. 250,000 (18th of September)

Renewal of the quality management certification system by the Romanian Auto Registry (7th of December)



Launch of the first Dacia offroad vehicle, Dacia Duster, at the Geneva International Motor Show (2nd of March)

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