Saturday 06 November 2010


Labour in first poll lead since 2007

The Conservatives have lost their opinion poll lead over Labour for the first time since Gordon Brown took his party into freefall after deciding against a snap election three years ago.


David Cameron has been braced for a reaction to his and George Osborne’s austerity measures.

The Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review has, it seems, provided the impetus for Ed Miliband’s party to inch ahead of the Tories.

According to a new Populus poll, Labour was one point ahead of the Conservatives on 38 per cent, a rise of one point since September. The Tories have seen their ratings fall two points to 37 per cent in a month. The survey, for The Times, provided an early boost for Labour’s new leader.

Labour has languished in the polls since November 2007 after Mr Brown saw early poll leads over Mr Cameron wiped out by his indecision over calling a general election.

In the new poll there was also little cheer for Nick Clegg, Mr Cameron’s Coalition partner. The Liberal Democrats were only on 15 per cent with other parties gathering 10 per cent of support.

The poll also found that 58 per cent of voters believed the effects of the spending cuts would be unfair, with 20 per cent of voters becoming more pessimistic since June.

There was further evidence that the Government has failed to convince voters its spending cuts are “fair”, with another poll showing a majority disagreed with them.

Another survey by ICM for The Guardian found that 52 per cent believed the austerity package would hit the poor hardest.

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