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Clyde tapped for Ohio House: Incumbent Dyer loses bid for re-election

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Portage County voters elected one Democrat while rejecting another in Ohio House races Tuesday.
Kathleen Clyde of Kent won the 68th District seat being vacated by Kathleen Chandler in a four-way race. Clyde got 16,851 votes to defeat Republican W. Roak Zeller who got 15,339 votes. Constitution Party candidate Daniel Cartwright of Hiram tallied 1,880 votes and independent candidate Richard A. Duncan of Aurora got 590 votes, according to complete but unofficial tallies from the Portage County Board of Elections.
It was Zeller’s second run for the Ohio House seat now held by Chandler, who was prevented from running again because of term limits.
The 68th District covers all of Portage except for six townships in the southwest quadrant of the county.
Clyde watched nervously along with about a hundred other Democrats at the Italian American Club in Ravenna as returns trickled in election night.
“It’s a tough year to be a Democrat,” Clyde said as incumbent Dems were defeated around Ohio and across the U.S.
She acknowledged the Portage County TEA Party’s efforts helped to get conservative voters out in the election, and said Democrats “failed to energize voters.”
Clyde said she worked up to the last minute.
“I tried to run a positive campaign, tried to keep it to the issues.” She said she ran a traditional, door-knocking campaign without help from the state Democratic party.
Looking forward to legislative challenges next year, Clyde said she will maintain a focus on constituents,
“I will be a strong advocate for Portage County residents who have concerns with state government,” she said.
In the race for the 43rd District, which covers southwestern Portage and southern Summit County, incumbent Stephen Dyer was rejected for a third term.
Dyer, of Green, lost to Todd M. McKenney of New Franklin by a final, unofficial tally of 24,166 for McKenney to 19,755 for Dyer.
In Portage, McKenney got 7,014 votes to 5,695 for Dyer.

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 6 Total Comments
    Posted by ktownusa2 November 3, 2010
Congratulations and good luck, Kathleen!

I voted for you (and encouraged others to do likewise).

Liked how you listened to me vent, and addressed my frustrations when you knocked on my door -- while my dinner was in the oven :)

I echo concerns of post #3, EXCEPT, I will always continue to vote!

Listen to us, and don't let us down.

    Posted by DoWhatsRight November 3, 2010
I have to agree with the other Post that says Cartwright tossed the win to the Democrats. I have not met Mr. Cartwright, but I am sure his intentions were good; however, a third party candidate winning is almost impossible. We have been so brain washed by the party system that we are no longer able to choose wisely. Just look at some of these posts and it become clear that more people are interested in their team (Democrats or Republicans) than they are the candidate and what he stands for.

    Posted by wasamattau November 3, 2010
Posted by Hiram about 1 hour ago
Dan Cartwright took out the Republican by being the 3rd party spoiler. Dan Cartwright is the county democrat's favorite person today. The democrats probably wish Dan or one of his buddies ran in the commisoner's race too.


    Posted by fourironus November 3, 2010
Congratulations Kathleen and good luck. Remember what you told me in my driveway "Sombody's got to make a difference." Here's your chance to prove me wrong about politicians. Heck if you "make a difference" I may vote again. As of now, I'm done. This entire election season proved to be a joke and nothing will be different in 2 years. We have a new governor, but as I told my wife "mark my words not a damn thing will change. We WON'T have more jobs, we WILL have higher taxes, and we WILL LOSE more rights."

    Posted by ppt November 3, 2010
I met Dan at his sister wedding, a down to earth guy. Nice effort.

The winner is a Columbus insider hand picked by the party. Backed by the party and delivered.

I wish her well in Columbus. She has a tough job to do with the "rep" controlling both houses. To get anything done, will be a act of GOD.

    Posted by Hiram November 3, 2010
Dan Cartwright took out the Republican by being the 3rd party spoiler. Dan Cartwright is the county democrat's favorite person today. The democrats probably wish Dan or one of his buddies ran in the commisoner's race too.

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