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Recent Merger and Acquisition Activity in Database Arena Drive Customers to Migrate to Ingres

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - October 12, 2010 - Ingres Corporation, the leading open source database management company and pioneer of the New Economics of IT, announced today the availability of Ingres Database 10, the latest version of the company's flagship open source database product. Responding to feedback from its diverse user community, Ingres has updated the new release's out-of-box features, enabling customers to easily and more transparently migrate to the Ingres Database from proprietary databases by Big Software companies such as Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase. Developed at Ingres and with input from the open source community, Ingres Database 10 now supports multi-versioning, column encryption, partitioning and faster bulk loading.

"Over the past year, we've seen a great deal of merger and acquisition activity in the database space, resulting in customer concerns about the fate of the impacted database technologies," said Roger Burkhardt, CEO at Ingres. "Ingres Database 9.3 showed our commitment to delivering an easy migration path to a more reliable and stable product. Ingres Database 10 delivers new features that continue to make it even easier to migrate away from over-priced and unstable platforms."

New Features in Ingres Database 10 Make Migration Even Easier
Ingres Database 10 delivers new features that make migration from proprietary or other databases even easier. Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC), which provides concurrent access to the database, or a "snapshot" for each user to work with so they are never locked out, vastly improves performance in multi-user situations and increases productivity. New SQL types, functions and compatibility features significantly improved routines within the database engine enable users of Ingres 10 to get more done more quickly. A community-based migration toolkit developed earlier this year and hosted on Sourceforce also aids in migration to Ingres from Oracle's enterprise and MySQL databases.

Growth Opportunities for Partners
Ingres Database 10 gives partners an advantage with its inherent security, improved performance enhancements, ease of migration and community innovations. New features enable better integration with more off-the-shelf software and improve the performance of applications that rely on complex queries. Today the partner community taking advantage of the power and flexibility of the Ingres Database is hundreds strong.

Column Encryption
Ingres Database 10 adds column encryption capabilities that were driven by the Ingres community and completed by Ingres. Column encryption enables database administrators to secure specific fields in a record such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or personal identification (PIN) numbers, delivering greatly improved performance and security.

New Performance Enhancements
Showing its commitment to partners and customers, Ingres built in powerful tools to address business needs.

Bulk Loading - Ingres Database 10 also improves the already fast bulk loading performance, cutting load times by upwards of 50% via a standard Java Database Connectivity 4.0 driver. Queries on partitioned tables are more efficient, including a unique ability to perform dynamic partition pruning during query processing.

Batch Query Execution - Other performance enhancements include batch query execution in which query execution responses are sent back to the client in batches. Additionally, queries on partitioned tables are more efficient, with a unique ability to perform dynamic partition elimination during query processing.

"The beta release of Ingres 10 has impressed us, not only with its performance and enhanced set of features, but also its stability. We plan to begin upgrading to Ingres 10 in the near future," said Geraint Jones, DBA for Oxford University.

Community Contributions
Ingres Database 10 shines a light on innovative community contributions which include new additions to the database engine that were added by its community members. In addition to involvement with column level encryption, the Ingres community delivered other valuable contributions such as new SQL functions by Marty Bowes of the Ingres User Association in the United Kingdom, and implemented and productized by the Ingres Engineering team.

Commitment to Standards
Ingres continues to support the latest standards, and with this release, adds support for JDBC 4.0, which improves Java application access to SQL data stores while still benefiting from the full power of the JDBC API.

Ingres Database 10 will be generally available on October 12, 2010. More information about the features can be found here:

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