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Midsummer Fire Festival

Type: Holiday Event
Date: June 21 - July 4
Location: Azeroth and Outland

h, so you weren't chosen for Flamekeeper this year? Don't fret, my friend! The Midsummer Fire Festival isn't merely about that traditional honor; it's a time of merriment, a chance to celebrate the hottest season of the year by lighting great fires across the land and sharing in what the elemental spirits can offer. Come to our camps and join in the revelry!

Tending the Flames

Across Azeroth, brilliant bonfires have been lit to signify the hottest months of the year. The chosen Flamekeepers are eager to ensure they continue burning long into the days and nights of the celebration - and they seek the aid of able explorers in doing so. Traverse the land and delve into dangerous dungeons at their behest. You may return hot, sweaty, and a little sooty...but these spiritual guides understand well the need to reward adventurers beyond the promise of "enlightenment."

Joining the Festivities

Every city has a prominently located Fire Festival camp where you can pick up quests to participate in the Festival fun. Shattrath City has a camp as well, but it does not offer all of the quests. The Midsummer Fire Festival has plenty to offer to both high level and lower level characters. By doing the quests and visiting the flames around the world, characters will earn gold, experience, and perhaps participate in some World PvP and exploration. In addition, groups of maximum level characters can summon a new boss with epic rewards for the duration of the event. Characters of all levels can turn in Burning Blossoms for unique Fire Festival rewards.


Burning Blossoms

Burning Blossoms are the currency used for the Fire Festival and are used to purchase seasonal reward items from Midsummer Suppliers and Merchants. You can collect Burning Blossoms by completing quests, including the daily quests that are part of the festival. Using them near a Fire Festival Bonfire also grants a temporary but useful buff to your character, or reignites an extinguished bonfire - but consumes the blossom in the process.

Handful of Summer Petals
Mantle of the Fire Festival
Vestment of Summer

Sandals of Summer

Brazier of Dancing Flames
Captured Flame

Elderberry Pie

Fire-toasted Bun

Midsummer Sausage

Toasted Smorc

Bag of Smorc Ingredients

Fiery Festival Brew


Ahune, the Frost Lord

Characters of level 78 or higher can utilize the Looking for Dungeon tool to do battle with Ahune, the Frost Lord. Ahune is a unique seasonal boss, similar to Hallow's End's Headless Horseman, who can only be confronted during the Fire Festival. If you can find and defeat Ahune, you'll be able to loot his special rewards, including a selection of epic items and a brand new Frigid Frostling pet.

Dancing Around the Ribbon Pole

At every festival camp, one of these traditional decorations stands tall beside the bonfire. Take up one of the multi-colored ribbons and dance around the pole with your friends and fellow celebrants! The activity may appear a bit frivolous for your average ferocious fighter, but even the most seasoned veteran can appreciate the resulting 10% bonus to experience from killing monsters.

Torch Tossing

So you want to be a fire juggler? If you think you have what it takes - the dexterity, the reflexes, the courage - this is your chance to prove it! Take the provided torches and look for the braziers with markers flashing above them. While standing near the bonfire, throw a torch at each brazier as soon a mark appears above it. You must hit the marked brazier before the mark fades if you want credit for the toss. It's a good idea to place the practice torch on your action bar for easy access. After you have completed this quest, you unlock a follow-up quest to catch torches (below), and subsequently, a daily version.

Torch Catching

After successfully completing Torch Tossing, you're ready to show that you can not only throw torches, but catch them as well. Take the provided unlit torches and stand near the bonfire. Throw a torch in the air by right-clicking it, then follow its flight path (look for the shadow it casts on the ground) and catch it when it lands. To ensure that you catch the torch, stop running the instant before it lands. After you catch enough torches, you will unlock a daily version of this quest and Torch Tossing (above) which each grant five Burning Blossoms a day. Additionally, you will be able to toss torches to and catch torches from other players.

Unusual Activity

While celebration has its place, there are graver matters to attend to as well. When the festival began, reports began filtering in from Ashenvale about a sharp increase in Twilight Cult activity. Go to the camp just south of the Blackfathom Deeps entrance, in the ruins, and see if the cultists there will part with this information. This quest line continues on, eventually unlocking a daily quest for ten Burning Blossoms where the objective is to kill a particular enemy NPC.

Honor or Desecrate the Flame

Festival fires burn across the land, in Alliance and Horde settlements alike. If you make time to honor those of your faction, while desecrating those of the opposing faction, you will earn rewards for your efforts. You receive five Burning Blossoms for each same-faction fire you honor and ten for each opposing-faction fire you desecrate, and there are about 30 of each. Each individual fire can only be interacted with once per year. If you find them all, you can collect over 300 Burning Blossoms - which comes in handy if you wish to buy the big prizes. Additionally, if you manage to sneak into an enemy capital city to descecrate their flame, you will be rewarded with gold, a choice of consumable items, and 25 Burning Blossoms. You must be level 50 or above to capture the flame of an enemy capital. If you capture the flame of all four enemy capitals you will receive a special reward - the wearable Crown of the Fire Festival! The enemy players and guards likely won't take too kindly to your efforts, however. To add extra incentive to keeping your flame alive, all friendly players in the vicinity of a lit flame for your faction receive a special buff that grants bonus fire damage with every attack - and if your flame gets snuffed out, so does the buff.

Fire in the Sky

The lengthy Midsummer Fire Festival traditionally ends with the sky itself being set alight. The goblins of Undermine have lent their considerable skill (and copious amounts of gunpowder) to the task, resulting in a tremendous fireworks show! Take up a festival mug and raise a toast to the season as the multicolored explosions dance across the sky above you!


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