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Want a cat for a pet? How about a parrot? You can get your own small pet! In contrast to combat pets, small pets are simply around for companionship. They serve no purpose other than to entertain you and others.


Pet Choices
There are many small pet choices. Some small pets are common, while others are very rare.

Pet Datbase
Check out* for all your pet needs.

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Companion Storage

A storage system has been added for your companions. They no longer take up bag or bank space. You now "learn" each pet, once you get them, similar to a spell. You can carry all of your pets around at once and summon them whenever you want. The same system is used for player mounts.

Press "Shift-P" to open up your pet menu. You will then see a list of all of the pets you have. Right click on any of your existing pets to store them. If you want to summon a pet more quickly, drag the icon to one of your action bars.

Other Information

      You can't rename the pets.

      Small pets cannot be attacked but may sometimes be killed. Also, their info box is blue.

      You can have both a combat pet and a small pet at the same time. If you're a Hunter, you can even pick both pets to complement each other in a cool way.

      Non-combat pets may not be selected as the target for spells or abilities.

      Non-combat pets have the tag "Companion".

      You can earn some Achievements by getting some pets.

      Two pets are available for purchase at the Blizzard Pet Store.

A Few Sample Pets

There are many other pets to discover.

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