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he Rest State modifier gives players a time-limited bonus to combat (PvE) experience. Rest State is gradually earned while you are logged out of the game, or when your character is located in a city or inn.

Rest State

     While in rest state, players earn 100% bonus experience points. The Rest state modifier only affects experience earned from killing monsters. It does not affect experience earned from quest rewards or other experience rewards in the game.

When a player rests in a city or at an inn they will gain rest bonus at a very slow rate, but four times faster than players who log out outside of cities or inns. Eight hours of rest will confer one "bubble" of rest bonus. At any given time, players will be able to accumulate a maximum of 30 "bubbles" worth of rest bonus which translates into approximately 1.5 levels worth of rested play (before your character returns to normal rest state).

Note that while your character is resting, you can play other characters on your account. Each character has their own Rest State.

There is no penalty for leaving an Inn early. You are constantly accumulating bonus experience while in an Inn or City.

When you change Rest States within your current level, a special divider will appear on your experience bar, and the bar itself will change colors. You can also check your Rest State by moving your cursor over the experience bar. A tooltip will pop up showing you your current rest state.

When visiting one of the ten main cities (Darnassus, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, The Undercity, Exodar, Silvermoon, Shattrath, and Dalaran City), players do not need to check into the Inn to rest. However, players still need to seek an Innkeeper to bind themselves to the city.

Inns and Hearthstones

ities and inns serve as good places to hang up your sword or staff for the night because they confer rest state. Inns also act as home locations. Hearthstones provide a speedy way to travel back to an Inn when you need to take care of business in town, or when you're ready to check in and call it a night.

     Inns are located in all major cities and many towns.

[No Vacancy]

Whenever players enter a Major City or Inn or log out in a Major City or Inn, they will effectively be "resting", which is indicated by their portrait flashing yellow.

If players log out in a City or Inn, they will be able to instantly exit the game as opposed to having to wait 20 seconds before exiting.

When players log in to play the next day, their rested characters will have slept off the ill effects of any nasty debuffs from the day before. On the other hand, buffs won't wear off before their normal term. Logging out pauses the timers for all positive buffs.

     Players use Hearthstones (an inventory item) to cast a spell that teleports them back to their "home locations". Casting the spell will take a reasonable amount of time, to prevent it from being used as an escape mechanism from combat.

[No good]

"Checking in" with an Innkeeper will make that Inn the player's current home location, and the player's Hearthstone will then take the player back to that Inn (as opposed to any previous home locations). If the player doesn't have a Hearthstone, the Innkeeper will provide one at no cost.

Because Hearthstones let players quickly return to town, players can use them just to return to town to sell items, trade, or train. However, Hearthstones can only be used once every 30 minutes.

Starting characters have Hearthstones automatically located in their inventory.

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