Powerful monsters at every turn, challenging quests to test your limits, treacherous terrain to thwart and confuse – no doubt about it, Outland is a dangerous place. Adding to this constant peril will be the threat of being attacked by players from the opposing faction. In their efforts to gain a foothold in this hostile land, the Alliance and the Horde have discovered that they are both after the same things – and neither side is backing down.

Scattered throughout Outland will be areas of strategic importance to both factions. Controlling these areas will often provide tangible benefit to those who fight for their faction in the form of zone-wide buffs. There will also be plenty of material incentives to join in these conflicts – powerful weapons, armor, jewels, and recipes are among the rewards that will go to the valorous. In our Outland World PvP guide, we will detail some of the objectives and rewards that you will encounter in your travels.

Note: To view world PvP objectives on Azeroth, please visit this page.

Hellfire Peninsula

he blasted, barren remains of a once lush and verdant land, Hellfire Peninsula has certainly seen its share of war. It is a fitting backdrop for the first World PVP you and your allies will encounter in Outland.

World PvP in Hellfire Peninsula is centered around three primary areas: The Overlook, The Stadium, and Broken Hill. All three locations are just west of Hellfire Citadel in the center of the zone. The objective of each faction is to control as many towers as possible, as the side that controls all the locations receives a zone-wide buff of 5% increased damage. This buff applies to everyone of the controlling faction presently in both Hellfire Peninsula and the instances of Hellfire Citadel.

Hellfire Superiority
Increases damage dealt by 5%.

Claiming RewardsAs you defeat players of the opposite faction, you will receive Marks of Thrallmar or Honor Hold. These marks are the currency for the Hellfire Peninsula PVP rewards (not to be confused with the Thrallmar / Honor Hold reputation rewards). You may redeem your Marks for these rewards from your quartermaster NPC in Thrallmar or Honor Hold.

Mark of Honor Hold
Binds when picked up
Mark of Thrallmar
Binds when picked up

CapturingTo capture a tower, one faction must simply have more members in the area than the other faction. Merely having one eligible member of your faction in the vicinity of the tower will begin the capture process. It will take a solo eligible player 12 minutes to capture the tower. This time will decrease for every additional eligible friendly member in the area, to a minimum of five minutes for a five man (or higher) advantage. If equal numbers of the opposite faction are present, the capturing process will freeze in place. Capture time scales according to the ratio of players on each side - for example, if there are six Alliance players and five Horde players at the fort, it will take the Alliance 12 minutes to capture it.

The Stadium The Overlook Broken Hill

In order to be eligible to capture a location, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be alive (or Undead)
  • Be flagged for PvP (Players on PvE servers would need to type /pvp to toggle PvP combat on)
  • Be within the vicinity of the capture location
  • Not be stealthed or otherwise invisible


angarmarsh's serene pools and streams, and the soft phosphorescent glow emanating from the native flora and fauna, combine to create a soothing atmosphere – a perfect contrast to the epic battles soon to rage there. In their war efforts, both factions seek to control the Draenei structures known as Twin Spire Ruins for their strategic importance within the region. Twin Spire Ruins are comprised of three buildings which are located on the southern shores of Serpent Lake. The area within and around Twin Spire Ruins is designated as another World PvP zone in which Horde and Alliance players will fight over its control. In order to occupy the area, one side must capture the two beacons on the east and west sides, and then bring their flag to the center tower. Once the tower is under your control, the graveyard at Twin Spire Ruins will be usable by your faction's side, a zone wide buff will benefit your faction, and you will be able to purchase token-based rewards from special NPCs.

  • Beacon Capture Gaining control of a beacon is based upon the Hellfire Peninsula capturing process described above. Whichever side has more eligible players in the beacon's immediate vicinity begins to capture it over time. Once a beacon has been captured, it will glow blue for Alliance or red for Horde. Both beacons must simultaneously be under the same faction's control in order for that faction to then attempt to capture the center tower.
  • Center Tower Capture
    Battle Standard
    Plant this Battle Standard at the Twin Spire Ruins graveyard to capture it!
    5 minutes remaining
    Once both beacons are under one faction's control, players from that faction may obtain special flags from Field Scout NPCs. These scouts are stationed by either Telredor or Zabra'jin. A player holding a flag will appear to have a large graphic of a flag being carried on his or her back. If that player manages to successfully take that flag to the center tower control point, the tower will be captured. If the player running the flag is defeated before reaching his goal, another player may attempt a run by taking a flag from the scout. If at any point a beacon changes hands so that both are not under one faction's control, the field scout for that faction will immediately cease dispensing flags.
  • Capture Rewards When one side has successfully captured the center tower, they will gain access to the graveyard at Twin Spire Ruins. Additionally, all players of the controlling faction will get a zone wide +5% damage buff.
    Twin Spire Blessing
    Increases damage dealt by 5%.
  • Token Rewards All honorable kills that take place within the sub-zone Twin Spire Ruins, will be rewarded with a single token for the appropriate faction. In turn, these tokens may be turned in to the Field Scouts for special items. These are the same tokens that are earned in Hellfire Peninsula World PvP (Marks of Thrallmar and Marks of Honor Hold), so they can be redeemed in both locations for rewards.

Terokkar Forest

ust south of the rebuilt sanctuary of Shattrath City is the ruined, blasted expanse called the Bone Wastes. This area will be the setting for the world PvP in Terokkar Forest. There are 5 shattered towers surrounding the ruins of Auchindoun which can be captured in a way similar to the Hellfire Peninsula process described above. The towers' close proximity to the towns of Stonebreaker Hold (Horde) and Allerian Stronghold (Alliance) in combination with the two towns proximity to each other, will make this region's combat lively to say the least.

  • Capturing a Tower Tower control is granted to the faction that occupies the general area of the tower with greater forces for a certain length of time. It will take a single player approximately 60 seconds to capture a neutral tower, and approximately 120 seconds to capture a tower controlled by the other faction. Increasing the number of players by up to ten in the tower's vicinity will decrease the capture time by six seconds per extra player. With the maximum ten man advantage, it will take 60 seconds to capture a tower held by the other side. Captured towers will display a faction flag to indicate ownership.
  • Capture Rewards The faction that is able to successfully control all 5 towers will be granted a zonewide buff called Blessing of Auchindoun, which increases XP gain by +5%, damage by 5%, and allows for the capturing of Spirit Shards within Auchindoun. Spirit Shards are a 100% drop off of boss monsters within the 4 wings of Auchindoun, and each player can loot their own shard from the boss. These shards can be turned in at Spirit Sage NPCs in Allerian Stronghold and Stonebreaker Hold for PvP based rewards, including valuable Meta Gems.
    Blessing of Auchindoun
    Experience gain increased by 5%
    Damage increased by 5%
    Allows the capture of Spirit Shards.
    Spirit Shard
    Binds when picked up
    "The shard pulses with energy."
  • PvP Daily Quest Patch 2.4 Added new PvP daily quests that send players to Halaa and the Spirit Towers of the Bone Wastes. These quests are available for Alliance and Horde at their respective local quest hubs.


he sun-dappled fields of Nagrand are deceptively quiet near the unassuming town of Halaa, and the air is charged with nervous anticipation – like the calm before the storm. The contested city is of key strategic importance for both factions in their efforts to gain a foothold in Outland. As a result, Halaa is sure to change hands many times over the course of their struggle. The effort and focus needed to capture the city will only be matched by what it will take to subsequently hold the city from invasion. However, the occupying faction will gain a substantial benefit in the form of help from powerful NPC guards, as well as access to vendor NPCs who will offer a selection of purchasable rewards. The currency to purchase these rewards will primarily consist of tokens earned from defeating enemy players in the Halaa region.

Strength of the Halaani
Increases all damage done by 5%.

Players from the opposing faction will have a formidable task facing them if they wish to wrest control of Halaa away. However, like the defenders, the attacking side will find valuable aid from outside sources. Wyvern posts are strategically located along the outskirts of the city. From these posts, players will be able to take to the skies on the backs of controllable wyverns – able to throw incendiary fire bombs down upon the hapless guards and defending players below.

  • Attacking the City
    Fire Bomb
    Unique (10)
    Use: Throw down onto your enemies from above!
    Deals 900 to 1100 fire damage and deals damage equal to 1% of the target's total health every second.
    Halaa is accessible via ground assault via four narrow bridges. However, attackers on foot will be greeted (less than warmly) by elite NPC guards fighting for the defending side. The attacking side must kill all 15 NPC guards in order to be able to secure the town. These guards are extremely hardy, so simply charging and attacking them toe to toe may not prove to be the best strategy. Instead, attacking players would be well-advised to soften up the defense by flying over the town and dropping Fire Bombs. These Fire Bombs deal 900-1100 fire damage in an AOE, along with an additional 1% health damage per second for five seconds. Each flight will give the player 8 Fire Bombs which can only be used while flying on the Wyvern. The bombs will only affect Halaani Guards and enemy players.
  • Halaani Guards
    Guards will spawn for the side that has captured the city, and all of them must be defeated by the attacking side as a prerequisite to the city changing hands. The guards will respawn after being defeated, but at a rate of one guard every five minutes regardless of how many guards were defeated between spawns. Thus, it is in the attacking side's interest to eliminate the guards as quickly as possible. When the last of the 15 guards is defeated, the respawn timer for the next spawn will increase to 60 minutes. The attacking side will then have a full 60 minutes to take control of the city before another guard spawns in.
  • Wyvern Posts To be able to employ the services of the wyverns, the attacking side must take over the wyvern posts, which are located near the four bridges to Halaa. This will allow attacking players to make Wyvern Attack Runs from that post. At the same time, defending players can attempt to ground the air assaults by interacting with the explosives carts next to the Wyvern posts – nothing like the direct approach.
    Active Wyvern Roost Sabotage! Destroyed Wyvern Roost
  • Capturing the City Once all guards have been defeated, the attacking side will have a one hour window of opportunity to capture the city before the next guard spawns. The capturing process is similar to the Hellfire Peninsula process described above. When the number of attacking players outnumbers the defending players for a long enough period of time, they will capture the town and guards for their side will begin to spawn.
  • Claiming Rewards Once your side has gained control over the city, you will have access to two special NPCs: a Researcher and a Quartermaster. Your faction's researcher is interested in obtaining samples of crystal powder found in the region. The researcher will accept these samples, found as a common drop from many creatures in Nagrand, in trade for Halaa Research Tokens. Halaa Battle Tokens are gained by defeating other players in PvP battle around the town of Halaa. These two types of tokens are the currency you can use to purchase rewards from your faction's quartermaster.
  • Halaa PvP Tips Page We have an extensive guide to Halaa PvP here. Don't miss it.
  • PvP Daily Quest Patch 2.4 Added new PvP daily quests that send players to Halaa and the Spirit Towers of the Bone Wastes. These quests are available for Alliance and Horde at their respective local quest hubs.