Game Masters

In-Game Knowledge Base

As part of Patch 2.0.1 - "Before the Storm", an In-Game Knowledge Base has been added to the game's user interface. You can access it by clicking on the red question mark located in your action bar. This is to help you with common problems as well as help Game Masters to focus on harder issues, so before sending a ticket or contacting one of our support teams, we highly recommend that you first check the Knowledge Base to see if your question already has been answered.

What are Game Masters?

ame Masters, also called "GMs" are Blizzard Europe employees who provide in-game assistance. They can help you with a multitude of issues. However, while it may be tempting to ask them about in-game content or ask them to assist you with a quest, please remember that the Game Masters are not players; they are Blizzard Employees.

How do I contact the Game Masters?

To submit an in-game ticket, please click on the "Help Request" button.
Then choose the "Page a GM" option. Enter a description of the issue and hit the "Submit" button. Then wait in-game or check your in-game mail or email if you have to log off to find the response to your petition. Please remember that, if you are offline, the Game Masters will reply via in-game mail to the character that submitted the ticket.

What can the GMs help me with?

Game Masters can help you with the following issues:

Game Masters cannot help you with issues related to:

You also may want to read over our guide to Ticketing Do's and Don'ts and the In-Game Customer Support Forum before submitting your ticket.

  • Behavior/Harassment
    This category includes verbal and physical abuse as well as naming violations. Please make certain to include the time of the incident and the name of the misbehaving character along with a description of the incident. Also, please make certain that the incident does violate our Harassment Policy
    Sample Ticket:
    At around 8 PM GMT, a player named "such-and-such" called me an "inbred idiot."

    For reporting spammers in chat and in in-game mail, please use the 'Report Spam' feature by right-clicking on the character's name in chat, or using the button in the spam mail. You can read more about this feature here.
  • Guild
    Any problems associated with the creation or functionality of a guild are included in this category. This category covers problems such as:
    • Unable to add/remove guild members
    • Not able to form a guild
    • Unable to reassign or rename ranks within the guild
    Sample Ticket:
    I cannot invite my friend "so-and-so" to join our guild "That Guild." He never gets the invitation to join the guild and he is not a member of another guild.
  • Character
    This category issues involving abilities, professions, reputation, and talents, including:
    • Ability/Attribute loss or distortion
    • Unable to enter the world with a particular character
    • Skill level is showing as negative
    • Profession no longer listed
    • Talents malfunctioning or missing
    Sample Ticket:
    My Talent "Faerie Fire (Cat Form)" is not functioning correctly. It does not make the enemy unable to stealth.
  • Non-Quest/Creep
    Submit issues that deal with Non-Player Characters and monsters functioning or interacting incorrectly. This is the "NPC is bugged up" category. :] However, please remember to include the name of the NPC and,
    if possible, to submit the ticket from as close to the NPC as you can. Issues covered by this category include:
    • Monsters permanently evading
    • An NPC that is not pathing correctly
    • Monsters over-spawning or under-spawning (or not spawning at all)
    • Vendor NPCs not itemized or not responding
    Sample Ticket:
    Woo Ping in Stormwind is not spawning at all. I have been checking on him to see if he would re-pop for over a day now.
  • Item
    This category covers any and all problems dealing with item functionality or possesion, including:
    • Weapon Proc not activating
    • Enchantments or item modifications not working appropriately
    • Broken Items
    • Item accidentally sold to vendor and was not able to be repurchased
    A note on our policy about Item Restoration: we will always investigate and try to return lost items, but may not be able to do so in every case. Due to many different aspects of the investigation, we may not be able to confirm what happened to the item or reimburse it. Also, reimbursement, when approved, may not always be immediate. Please bear in mind that a given player and the account registered to him will be permitted a limited number of instances in which the GM staff will assist with property recovery. We do not wish to encourage career victims, nor do we wish to penalize players who make the occassional mistake. Reimbursement of any kind is NOT guaranteed. While we do and will make every effort to verify and restore lost items, the decision to reimburse is entirely at Blizzard's discretion. If a player is repeatedly making decisions that result in lost property, we reserve the right to refuse further reimbursements. Please be aware that, when submitting petitions about lost items, you will need to include the exact name of the item and the time that you sold the item. If these details are not included in the petition, it will be much more difficult for us to investigate, confirm, and try to reimburse the item. Also, please note that any enchantments or enhancements placed on an item will not be restored when it is reimbursed.
    Sample Ticket:
    I accidentally sold my "Staff of Jordan" to the Alchemical Supplies Vendor in Darnassus at 3 PM GMT. I would like to get it back, if that is possible.
  • Stuck
    If you find your character stuck and unable to move, please try the auto-unstuck feature before petitioning a Game Master. In most cases, this should solve the problem. Activating the auto-unstuck command will first attempt to use your hearthstone to port you back to your inn. If this is not possible, it will attempt to nudge your character out of position.

    Please note this option can only be used every five minutes. Using the auto-unstuck option will log your character and location so that we can verify and fix the location in the future.

    If that does not resolve your situation, page a Game Master and one will be with you as soon as is possible to help you.

    Please note that this category is for characters who are physically stuck in the game-world. It is not for characters who are "stuck" (unable to complete) on a quest.

    Also, please note that, at this time, some herbs and mines are bugged causing characters to become locked in the looting position. Using the auto-unstuck option will not fix this problem. Logging out and back in, however, will.
    Sample Ticket:
    My character is stuck near the entrance to the Badlands on the Loch Modan side. I have tried using my hearthstone and the auto-unstuck option twice but am still stuck.
  • Environmental
    This category pertains to issues that deal with a character not being able to interact with the environment or operate in the environment. This category includes such issues as:
    • Unable interact with a forge, mine, or herbal node
    • Able to walk/jump through a wall
    • Getting ported to the wrong graveyard
    • Falling through the world
    Please note that, if you are using a custom User Interface or any add-ons, these things can often cause problems with your character and his environment. Please try removing these add-ons or UIs before petitioning a Game Master as that will correct the issue if the UI or add-on is to blame. To remove the modifications, take the following steps:
    • Shut down the game
    • Delete the WDB, WTF, and Interface folders in your World of Warcraft directory (by default, this is C:\WINDOWS\Program Files\World of Warcraft\
    • Log back in without installing any add-ons or reinstalling the custom interface
    Also, when submitting a ticket about a problematic forge, mine, wall, or herbal node, please submit from the location of the item in question as that will aid us in finding and correcting the problem.
    Sample Ticket:
    It is possible to jump through the wall here in the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge.
  • Quest/Quest NPC
    This category covers issues that result in the inability to start or complete a quest, including such things as:
    • A quest related NPC or object that is not functioning properly
    • Inability to acquire quest-related items
    • Quest monster not dropping a required quest item
    On the last item: please note that not all quest items are 100% drops. Some items are quite rare and may take a while to drop. On the other hand, some items are 100% drops. If those items do not drop and you do have the quest that requires them, then this is the proper category to use to let us know.
    Sample Ticket:
    I am unable to get the quest item for the quest "The Relics of Awakening." The chest that should have the "Rune of Nesting" is not opening.
  • Technical
    Sadly, our Game Masters are not equipped to provide technical support. The following technical issues should be addressed to our Technical Support team:
    • Decline in game performance (game becomes slow or choppy)
    • Display errors (black boxes, flickering objects, distortions, etc)
    • Cinematics or in-game movies not playing correctly
    • Sound issues (no sound or music, static, looping effects, etc)
    • Crashes or error messages of any kind during gameplay
    • Any other technical game issue
    You also might want to check our Technical Support Forum to see if your problem has been solved there.
  • Account/Billing
    If you are having problems setting up your account or if you need to make changes to your billing options, please contact our Billing Team.

Other Information

How will the Game Masters contact me?
The Game Masters will contact you either in-game, by whispering you, by in-game mail (it will be on a distinctive, Blizzard stationary) or by email. If you log on and notice that your ticket is gone, please check your email to see if the GMs have sent the response to your issue there. Please note that if you are using Hotmail,, Yahoo!, or Gmail, you may need to check the Junk folder if you don't see the mail in your Inbox.

Where can I send feedback or suggestions?
Please do not send feedback or suggestions to the Game Masters. Instead, post these in our Suggestions Forum.

My problem fixed itself. Do I still need to keep my petition active?
That, actually, is entirely up to you. However, if your problem fixes itself or if you found the solution to it before a GM could contact you, just abandon your ticket.

When I edited my petition, the text was gone!
Editing a ticket can, depending on the amount of text originally submitted, destroy the ticket text. If this happens, you will need to rewrite the ticket entirely. Otherwise, it will appear blank to the GMs and they will not be able to assist you.

I have concerns about a particular Game Master. Who can I talk to about it?
If you have problems with a Game Master, please email

How do I know if someone is really a Game Master?
GMs will always identify themselves when contacting a player about an issue. They can be identified by the <GM> tag before their names in chat.

[Junco] whispers: Hello.

What is it like to be a Game Master?
If you'd like to see the kinds of things that Game Masters handle, read this page.

How can I become a Game Master?
If you are interested in joining our GM team, please check our Job Opportunity page for more information about the position.

The Crash-reporting program doesn't work!
If you crash in Windows XP the operating system offers to send crash logs of the incident to the manufacturer. This is not a feature of WoW, it is a feature of Microsoft XP, and it is not supported by Blizzard.

What are the known issues at this time?
Right now, there are several known issues. You can read about them and about the solutions to them in our In-Game Customer Support forum.