December Holidays

Ultimate December Holidays Around the World

- Why is there Kwanzaa?
- Who celebrates it?

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Kwanzaa Theme

- Reading Skills
- Writing Skills

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Kwanzaa Lesson Plans

Complete Kwanzaa Workbook (in .pdf)
Kwanzaa Teaching Theme
Kwanzaa Worksheets

December Lessons

Ultimate December Lesson Series

- Reading Builders
- Writing Process

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December Monthly Helpers

- December Events
- One For Each Day

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More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Kwanzaa Mini Unit 2- Students will identify similarities and differences between the celebrations: Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.
  2. Kwanzaa Symbol Strips- Learn about Kwanzaa and traditional Adinkra weaving patterns used on Kente cloth.
  3. Kwanzaaa, What Is It?- A college article.
  4. Kwanzaa Recipes
  5. Piece of Bread- Students will recognize that philanthropy is a vital part of the African American community.
  6. The Gift of Holiday Traditions: Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas- In order to prepare your students to explore the ways that holidays have evolved over time, teachers and parents might begin with the following simple exercise, appropriate for students of all ages.
  7. The Whole World Celebrated Christmas! Right?- This lesson is for use during the weeks before the Christmas break. This will be great for middle school students. It is a comparison of the other religious holidays that are celebrated around this same time of year.
  8. What Is Kwanzaa?- "Students will identify main ideas and details related to the celebration of Kwanzaa."
  9. Winter Holidays Around the World- Students will demonstrate an understanding of how different cultures studied celebrate Winter Holidays.
  10. Your Kwanzaa Workbook- A hands-on project.

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