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The following visuals are designed to allow you to better understand the immense world that Dungeoneering has to offer and clear up any confusion or uncertainty.

Location of Daemonheim

Multiple paths allow one to access Daemonheim. The easiest is to teleport using your Ring of Kinship. If you do not have one, you could take the boat from behind Al-Kharid Bank, or travel through the Wilderness. The following map illustrates the location of Daemonheim relative to various Wilderness locations, and the dock in Al-Kharid.

Daemonheim Location Map
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Start-Dungeon Entrance

Apart from the obvious rooms that automatically organize you into a fairly balanced team, you can manually start dungeons with your party by entering the Start-Dungeon Entrance, highlighted below. You must be in a party to enter, and if you are the leader of the party you will be able to choose the Level, Size (for Parties greater than 1 only), and Complexity of the Dungeon.

Castle Couryard
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Starting Room

This starting room is for a complexity 6 dungeon only. Resources that are not found in lower complexity dungeons will not appear in the Starting Room (Complexity 5 dungeons will not have the Summoning Obelisk, for example). Supply Tables and the Smuggler are present in all complexities. Non-member and member Starting Rooms are identical in dungeons of the same complexity.

Starting Room (Complexity 6)
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Of course, many of the resources in the dungeons will not be in the Starting Room. Various other resources are scattered throughout the dungeon, providing you with materials needed to create various combat equipment, from food to armour to potions. Some resources stay constant (for example, Prayer altars), while others vary (Mining Rocks can hold any ore). Note that the "Random" resources tend to be biased toward your skill levels, so if you have a high mining level, you will tend to get high-level mining rocks, such as Gorgonite. For specifics on each resource, look at the Dungeoneering Skills Guide.


Dungeon Range


Plant Farming Patch
Dungeon Farming
Dungeon Textile


Fish-Fishing Spot
Dungeon Fishing


Fill-vial Water Trough
Dungeon Trough


Mine Ore
Dungeon Ore


Pray-At Altar
Dungeon Altar


Open Locked Chest
Dungeon Chest


Chop Tree
Dungeon Tree
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Original Guide by: Zaaps1 and pokemama

Last updated by: Juhniz

Last updated on: 07-May-2010

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