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Appleton Mystery Photos: Series 1

posted Tuesday, 14 March 2006

This is the page for the original Appleton Mystery Photo Contest (Series I). For the new Series II contest, click here. For other photos of Appleton, see the Appleton Photo Pages at JeffLindsay.com.

Welcome to Appleton Mystery Photos, an album of photos from around Appleton, Wisconson, taken by Jeff Lindsay, Webmaster of the Appleton, Wisconsin information page. These photos were the subject of a contest that expired March 1, 2005. The goal was to identify the location of as many photos as possible (street address or accurate description of where the shot was taken - e.g., "corner of College and Drew"). The winner was Wendy Osero who identified an amazing 24 out of the 26 photos. Wendy will receive fame and glory on my Website, plus a $60 gift certificate for Wendy's choice of any restaurant that gets a favorable review on my Web page - and she chose Frank's Pizza Palace. 

If participation is reasonable, I'm planning more of these photo identification contests for the future, and already have plenty of photos to choose from. Oh, and if any local restaurants or shops wish to donate some prizes for future winners and get a little publicity as a sponsor, that would be fine with me. But this is really just for fun - and an expression of my appreciation for the fine community of Appleton, Wisconsin - truly one of the best places on earth to live.

Here is the award-winning list of answers submitted by Wendy Osero:

#1:  Spats restaurant on 733 W. College Ave.
#2:  US Bank overhang of drive-through
#3:  Chef Chu's Restaurant - 719 W. College Ave
#4:  House near city Park - Franklin and Durkee
#5:  Zion Temple on Durkee St across from St. Paul School
#6:  Antique Resale on Packard & Oneida
#7:  Zuelke Building
#8:  Between City Center East on Washington
#9:  Corner of Wisconsin and Richmond - Balloon Magic
#10:  Jimmy John's on College Ave [Actually, it's the Wendy's on South Oneida Street]
#11:  Back parking lot by Taste of Thai Restaurant
#12:  Corner of Linwood and College Ave
#13:  Corner of Union and North by City Park
#14:  Side of Tastee Bakery - 609 W College Ave
#15:  Outagamie Administration Building on Walnut and 6th
#16:  315 Prospect St.
#17:  Bridge on Drew St on Lawrence Campus
#18:  Sculpture in front of Fine Arts Building on Lawrence Campus
#19:  Railing in front of Lawrence Conservatory of Music - Corner of Park & Washington near Lawrence Chapel
#20:  New Building on Lawrence University
#21:  North Entrance of Wriston Art Center
#22:  You stumped us on this one!  :(
#23:  Peabody Park stream
#24:  PAC ceiling
#25:  Linwood across from Aldi's (on West College Avenue)
#26:  Library going up stairs to 2nd floor
The only one she didn't attempt to answer, #22, is a little shop near #25. Can you name it? The final photo shows the winners, comprising Wendy and Ron Osero with Rachel and Matt Bonson. Congratulations for an outstanding effort! The next contest will begin shortly....

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