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Wed, November 10, 2010
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Bodies of Rescuers Retrieved from Indonesia Volcano
November 08, 2010

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Yogyakarta. The bodies of four members of the Disaster Response Team were recovered from the slopes of Mount Merapi on Monday before rescue officials had to retreat as the volcano again roared into life.

State news agency Antara reported that a total of six bodies were recovered from the village of Glagaharjo in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

The bodies of another two members of the response team, known as Tagana, believed to have been killed when Merapi exploded last Thursday, are yet to be found or recovered.

With the activity continuing and the 20 kilometer exclusion zone still firmly in place, people are attempting to take advantage of the situation.

On Sunday, police arrested a man for attempting to steal livestock abandoned by those fleeing the eruptions.

The man, identified as Pete from Sarangnongko, was arrested attempting to steal 21 goats and five cows, but two accomplices managed to escape.

Antara, JG


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