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CALDWELL'S TNA TURNING POINT PPV RESULTS 11/7: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Hardy vs. Morgan, EV2 vs. Fortune, Team 3D "retirement" match

Nov 7, 2010 - 9:56:30 PM

TNA Turning Point PPV Results
November 7, 2010
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

On the anniversary of TNA's first-ever Sunday night PPV six years ago, tonight's TNA Turning Point PPV opened with a typical "artsy fartsy" opening video package with Jeff Hardy talking philosophically as the new Raven. Even the eye make-up is the same. Hardy said he serves one master and that's him.

Impact Zone: Mike Tenay introduced the first PPV under the new Bischoff/Hogan regime, Jeff Hardy's first TNA Title defense, and Team 3D's retirement match. The PPV will be opening with the first of three title matches tonight.

1 -- X Division champion JAY LETHAL vs. ROBBIE E. (w/Cookie) -- X Division Title match

The first five minutes featured Lethal controlling the action before Robbie cheated to take advantage. The camera seemed to be more focused on Cookie than the in-ring action at times during this period. Robbie cut off a comeback at 6:00 before Lethal put together a series of moves and showed babyface fire. Lethal clenched his fist and went for a sunset flip for the pin. However, the referee was also more focused on Cookie and randomly started yelling at Cookie while Lethal had a visual three count on the sunset flip. Lethal followed with a suicide dive on the floor as Taz lamented Robbie being in trouble here.

Back in the ring at 10:00, Cookie got on the ring apron to distract Lethal, who threw her hairspray away. Robbie tried to surprise Lethal, but Lethal hit the Lethal Combination center ring. Lethal then went up top, but Cookie grabbed Lethal's leg while ref Hebner took his sweet time to get the hairpsray out of the ring. Robbie then hit a neckbreaker on Lethal and scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: Robbie E. at 10:42 to capture the X Division Title. Your classic over-booked TNA match with the return of referee incompetence. It sure seemed weird to have Hebner as the ref in the opening match, but it became apparent he was needed for the referee incompetence portion of the match storyline. (*)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera with Taz doing the fist pump. No sense of any consequences or ramifications with the rules being broken as the announcers moved on to talking about someone from EV2 or Fortune being fired and Team 3D's "retirement" match. Tenay gave a shout-out to Mr. Anderson and plugged the TNA World Title match still to come.

Backstage: Christy Hemme brought in Mickie James for an interview on Tara. Mickie said business has become personal. Mickie told Tara she will respect her. Or else. It's next.


Tara came out first on her bike and waited for "hardcore country" Mickie to come out. Mickie stormed the ring and slapped Tara across the face to jumpstart the match. Mickie was curiously going with the Shawn Michaels style chaps here. Mickie landed an early clothesline and Tara rolled to the outside looking for a break. Tara then caught Mickie in cat-and-mouse to take control of the action. Tara continued to heel on Mickie, who then came back with a top-rope dropkick. Tara ducked Mickie's finisher, though, and stomped her down to the mat.

The action moved up top and both ladies crashed down to the floor below. They didn't make it back into the ring, as the fight went down the walkway and over the guardrail to the stage area. Mickie and Tara traded bombs near the fans and the ref eventually threw out the match. The brawl continued over the guardrail back to ringside, then back to the stage area. Mickie turned her back on Tara momentarily and took a broom shot across the back. Tara turned her back and started to celebrate, leading to Mickie cracking her with a trashcan. Security eventually intervened to settle things down. Well, at least try.

Mickie eventually ran back into the ring and called out to Tara, who sprinted from the stage into the ring to continue the brawl. Hair and clothes started flying as the intense brawl continued until agents finally hit the ring to break things up. Have to make sure the agents get their camera time. Mickie eventually broke free and tackled Tara in the corner. They brawled some more until Tara rolled out of the ring to conclude the segment.

WINNER: No Contest at 8:17. That was really intense and well done selling the feud. That's the type of action that could lead to a headline match on PPV or a well-hyped TV main event. The match itself was physical, crash-and-burn action. It wasn't pretty, but it looked like a fight at times, which you want in a simulated competition. (**)

Backstage: Hemme brought in Team 3D after a long video package on Team 3D talking about this being their last match tonight. Hemme acted broken up about Team 3D retiring despite them not treating her nicely over the years. Ray said reality is smacking them in the faces this is supposed to be their final match. Ray did his usual speech about titles held, how great they perceive themselves to be, etc. Devon then gave a shout-out to the crowd before they went to the ring for the tag title match.

3 -- TNA tag champs MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. TEAM 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) -- TNA Tag Title match vs. Team 3D's careers

Before the opening bell, ref Brian Hebner gave Team 3D a look at the tag titles to build anticipation for what's to come here. Shelley and Devon started things off with a handshake as Tenay referenced the promotions for which Team 3D have held tag titles. Shelley and Devon had a stand-off before re-circling the ring. Devon used his size to gain momentary control, but Shelley used his quickness to duck rapid-fire clothesline attempts. The Guns suddenly tried their Skull & Bones finisher, but Devon moved and tagged in Ray, who sent the Guns scampering to the outside.

The action reset in the ring with Ray taking right hand blows from Sabin, who then hit a springboard cross-body block for a two count. Ray then smacked Sabin down and tagged in Devon, who avoided a top rope move and re-tagged in Ray. Shelley sold a knee injury, so Ray went to work on the knee and ligament. The action moved to the outside where Ray smacked Sabin down to the padding. He tried a splash against the ringpost, but Sabin moved and Ray ate the post. Ray came up bleeding from the forehead and the Guns went to work on Ray back in the ring.

The Guns showed a lot of intensity as Ray tried to fire back with slaps to the chest. Shelley absorbed the chops before attempting a top rope move, only to walk into a mid-air Ace Crusher. Ray then made a hot tag to Devon as Sabin tagged in as well. Devon landed a flying shoulder tackle before hitting a sidewalk slam for a two count. The Guns then tried double-team offense in the corner, but Devon countered with a front slam throwing Sabin onto Shelley's back. Devon then went up top and landed a flying headbutt, but Shelley broke up a pin attempt. Ray then blind-tagged into the match and 3D hit a double-team hangman's neckbreaker for a two count.

At 13:00, Team 3D set up the "What's Up?" diving headbutt and it connected to Shelley's crotch. Naturally, a table was out next to the crowd's approval. 3D set up a table in the corner, but Sabin did a running flip off the table and onto his feet. Ray then went crashing through the table and the Guns immediately hit a double superkick combo on Devon for a close two count. The Guns followed with their Skull & Bones finisher, but Devon kicked out just in time. Shelley did his cocky smirk, then Devon countered a double-team attempt and the Guns accidentally kicked each other.

Team 3D followed up with the 3D on Sabin for the apparent three count, but Sabin kicked out just before three. 3D and the announcers sold shock. Team 3D didn't know what to do next. At 16:30, Devon tagged in Ray, who wanted a second 3D, but Sabin countered with a DDT on Devon. The Guns then followed with a superkick into the Skull & Bones on Ray. Sabin made a cover and that was good for a three count to give the Guns the win.

Post-match: Ray continued to sell the finish by laying spread eagle on the mat. The Guns eventually took back their title belts and picked up Brother Ray to help him to his feet. All four did a curtain call before Ray fell back down to the mat at Devon's knees to continue selling the finish. Ray and Sabin hugged it out in the ring to conclude the match.

WINNERS: Guns at 17:08 to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Excellent, excellent tag match. Great story that was laid out nicely and allowed the Guns to get a star-confirming victory in the sense that they looked tough opposite a bigger, more physical team while scoring a legitimatizing victory for the finish. Can we go ahead and give Tag Team of the Year to the Guns? (****)

Backstage: Hemme brought in Tommy Dreamer to talk about it being a sad night with EV2 fighting for their jobs, Team 3D gone, and him fighting with Rob Van Dam tonight. He sarcastically congratulated Eric Bischoff on screwing things up.


Dreamer and RVD had a stare down after a brief opening exchange. RVD talked trash, then both men started trading bombs. Dreamer anticipated RVD's next move and blocked with a clothesline. Dreamer continued to dominate on the floor until RVD landed a martial arts kick to the face and crotched Dreamer on the guardrail. RVD followed with a spin kick to the head as Taz talked about "mind control" on the part of Bischoff, etc. getting inside RVD's head.

Dreamer made a comeback and retrieved a ladder from under the ring. Dreamer also retrieved a second chair and tossed it into the ring. The match slowed to a crawl for a bit until Dreamer ducked a baseball slide and smashed the ladder into RVD's face. Back in the ring, the action slowed to a crawl again. RVD then missed with Rolling Thunder and crashed into the ladder. Dreamer inexplicably went up top and landed a highly unathletic frog splash for a two count. Dreamer removed his MMA glove to check on his wrist as RVD came back with a Northern Lights suplex for a two count.

They cut to a close-up of Dreamer selling that he broke his hand as RVD checked on his "EV2 brother." RVD made a cover, but Dreamer kicked out. RVD sold that he didn't know what to do as Dreamer asked for the match to continue. RVD then slammed Dreamer onto a chair and went top for Split-legged Moonsault, but Dreamer moved and RVD ate the chair. RVD came back, then went up top and airballed a Five-Star Frogsplash. Dreamer followed with a one-hand piledriver and rolled RVD over for a pin resulting in a two count.

At 13:30, the match continued. They did some spot in the corner with a ladder and RVD sent Dreamer into the rungs of the ladder as if he were sitting on a swing. RVD followed with a dropkick whipping Dreamer neck-first onto the mat. RVD followed with a Surfboard using the chair into Dreamer's head. RVD didn't make a cover as the announcers begged for this to end. RVD went for the Five-Star again and Dreamer moved again. Dreamer then tried a DVD, but RVD whipped him off into the ladder. The crowd was dead quiet here as they continued to block each other's offense. RVD went up top and hit the Five-Star on the third try for the pin and the win.

Post-match: RVD told Dreamer that he's sorry as he helped him to his feet. They hugged it out as Dreamer did a sad face while selling the injured hand. Tenay said it solved the issue that Bischoff has been fueling RVD's paranoia.

WINNER: RVD at 15:53. This was a match that just would not end, as this went about ten minutes too long. Dreamer, like Mick Foley, just doesn't belong in a nationally televised PPV singles match at this stage of his career and RVD seemed to be going through the motions. (1/4*)

Backstage: Ric Flair was with Fortune ahead of their match against EV2. Flair declared: "Thank God, thank God what we just saw is over. Who gives a damn?!" Douglas Williams said he's aligned with Fortune again and Robert Roode said they're ending EV2 tonight. Flair told Hemme that she'll be falling to their knees later tonight.

Impact Zone: Fortune came out throwing up their Four Horsemen knock-off hand signal. They were in uniformed Fortune t-shirts. Stevie Richards then led out himself, Raven, Rhino, Sabu, and Brian Kendrick representing EV2. This was quite possibly the most random arrangement of men ever assembled. And that includes ref Earl Hebner. Fortune slapped Kendrick to start things off.

5 -- EV2 vs. FORTUNE -- Winning team selects a member of the other team to be "fired"

Kendrick wrestled in his big white coat before tripping over himself as Doug Williams took his knee out. Richards then knocked Williams to the outside and Roode tried to make a cover on Richards while Hebner was distracted. Trainers eventually came to ringside to check on Kendrick while James Storm randomly hopped off the ring apron to help him out. Breaking kayfabe or swerve? Back in the ring, Fortune took control of the match once the action settled into a standard tag match. Kazarian then mocked Stevie's superkick and Stevie countered with Kaz's old Wave of the Future finisher. Rhino then hot-tagged into the match and blasted Beer Money with offense. Rhino wanted the Gore, but Roode yanked Rhino down and Styles hit a springboard clothesline for a close two count.

Fortune regained control of the action as Raven, wearing a bright red Dr. Seuss t-shirt, interrupted several times to break up the action. Rhino eventually broke free and tagged in Sabu, who landed right hand blows on numerous men. Surprise, a chair was introduced into the match. Sabu went flying off the chair into a springboard dive onto Fortune members ringside. Back in the ring, Styles missed with a springboard 450 splash and Sabu followed with a DDT for a two count. Suddenly, a series of finishers were executed by both teams. Rhino blasted Roode with a Gore that sent Roode back-of-the-neck-first into the bottom rope. Sabu then tried a top rope huracanrana on Styles, but Styles countered with the Styles Clash for the pin and the win. Sabu is gone, according to the announcers.

WINNERS: EV2 at 12:05 to "fire" Sabu. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of this EV2 season and everyone can move on. TNA has too many solid, under-utilized wrestlers on the roster to continue devoting TV and PPV time to the EV2 group. (*)

Post-match: Fortune celebrated on the entrance ramp as the other EV2 members tried to console Sabu in the ring. Ric Flair joined Fortune on the stage, coughed, and said they should pay homage to Fortune. Flair asked everyone to bow down to Fortune. They all thank God for Fortune. Cough. Flair then told Sabu that he's out of here. He said he hates Sheik, never liked Sheik, and wants Sabu gone. Sabu sold flipping out and stormed Flair, but Rhino held him back. Fortune said the other three of them will be gone eventually. RVD and Dreamer then walked into the ring to talk it out with Sabu as Flair told them to have their ass-kissing session.

Dreamer took the mic as Rhino leaned against the top rope selling disgust. RVD said this sucks, man. He told Sabu he did great here and TNA saying good-bye to Sabu is proof that what RVD wants he doesn't always get. Dreamer did his little speech saying Sabu deserved to be a multi-millionaire based on the punishment he put his body through. The hits keep on coming. He thanked Sabu and they hugged it out.

Backstage: Hemme was with The Pope, who was surrounded by six or seven individuals wearing shades indoors looking tough for the camera. Pope said it's a good thing to have your blood when a fight is going down. Pope had his brother with him. He said he's going to remove Abyss - the piss stain of TNA - from the carpet tonight. Pope said it's better to be pissed off than to be pissed on. Suddenly, there was a fight off camera. Mickie James and Tara brought their fight to the interview position and the Congregation assembled to try to break it up. The Congregation walked off, then Madison Rayne joined Tara in beating down Mickie.

6 -- THE POPE D'ANGELO DINERO vs. ABYSS -- Lumberjack match

Abyss, the man who has almost killed everyone on the roster and held the babyface president hostage, was positioned as the sympathetic figure here with Pope having the deck stacked in his favor. Pope dropkicked Abyss to the outside early on and the Congregation chased Abyss back into the ring. Abyss then tossed Pope over the top rope and the Congregation helped him back into the ring. Pope then hit a flying clothesline for a two count. A second one knocked Abyss to the outside and the lumberjacks roughed up Abyss before returning him to the ring.

In the ring, Abyss began working on Pope's injured ribs after removing the tape around the mid-section. Abyss tried to hit the Black Hole Slam, but Pope rolled over Abyss's shoulders into a float-over DDT. Both men recovered on the mat, then Pope landed some tired forearm smashes. Abyss then tried the Shock Treatment, teased it, and connected center ring. Abyss needed some extra time to make a cover and only scored a nearfall. Abyss found himself on the outside again and Pope landed a big splash from the top rope. The Congregation then shoved Abyss back into the ring before the Congregation checked on Pope. Pope slowly went up top and landed a headbutt that looked like it hurt both men. Why is anyone still doing a top rope diving headbutt in 2010?

At 11:00, Pope landed multiple elbow strikes to the head followed by slaps and punches. Pope then went to ringside and started slapping hands with the Congregation ringside. They seemed to be waiting for something, then Eric Bischoff showed up on the stage. Swerve time. Bischoff did a money hand signal and the Congregation jumped Pope from behind to no heat. Pro wrestling logic check: what happened if Pope won the match within the previous ten minutes? Anyways, the congregation rolled Pope back into the ring and Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for the win.

WINNER: Abyss at 13:02. Another slow-moving match where the crowd wasn't buying any nearfalls while waiting for the expected storyline-driven finish. The audience knows you can't have a TNA PPV without a swerve and/or a backstabbing. (*1/2)

Backstage: Hemme went looking for a word with Sabu, but Stevie Richards walked out as the spokesman. He said he has something to say to every member of Fortune. Richards called out A.J. Styles and said he's tired of sitting on the sidelines. He said he's stepping in Styles's face and challenged him to a singles match this Thursday on Impact.

Impact Zone: Jeff Jarrett came to the ring first for the semi-main event against Samoa Joe. Jarrett recapped the Immortals being formed at Bound for Glory. He said "the founder" is going to finish off Joe tonight. Jarrett said he's sick and tired of being sick and tired. He said the Immortals and Fortune bought into Bischoff & Hogan's plan to regain control of the company. Jarrett did the house show routine vowing to shut down the entire PPV and deprive the fans of the top heel in the company. Samoa Joe's music then hit as Jarrett made it halfway up the ramp. Joe backed Jarrett into the ring and chased him to the outside before Jarrett eventually re-entered the ring to begin the match.


Taz defended Jarrett "buying in" to Bischoff and Hogan while Tenay called it hypocritical on Jarrett's part. Tenay talked in cryptic terms about Jarrett asking the people in TNA to work together for the good of the company (e.g. TNA management asking talent to take a pay cut) before he turned on the roster. Joe showed off his trademark physicality early on before staring down Jarrett and stalking his prey. Joe landed a kick strike, a head butt, right hands to the chest, and a knee below the chin, but gave Jarrett an opening to land shoulder blocks in the corner. Jarrett tried a slap, but Joe no-sold and ripped flesh off Jarrett's chest. "Holy crap," Tenay said. Taz dryly said, "Just tap out." Joe then got a second wind and cracked Jarrett over and over again with slaps. Jarrett suddenly recovered and applied an anklelock, which the announcers noted as a message to Kurt Angle.

The camera zoomed in on Jarrett's bright red chest as he tried to retrieve a chair on the outside. The ref disallowed this chair use, then Jarrett re-entered the ring and landed a dropkick, but Joe popped up to his feet, no-sold, and smashed Jarrett with a clothesline for a two count. Joe tried a move from the fireman's carry position, but Jarrett countered into the Stroke. Joe kicked out easily, though. Joe then came back with an exploder suplex, which popped Taz. In the corner, Joe wanted a superplex, but Jarrett blocked and slingshot Joe across the top rope. Jarrett then followed with a Stroke from the top rope and Joe kicked out again.

At 8:00, Jarrett went back to the outside and retrieved the chair again. The ref reprimanded him again. Meanwhile, Joe regrouped in the ring and landed an elbow suicide dive taking out Jarrett and the ref. Back in the ring, Joe took Jarrett up top and called for the Musclebuster. TNA security then hit the ring and Joe knocked them around, including a Musclebuster on Shatter. Joe preoccupied himself with the other security allowing Jarrett to hit Joe with a plastic Bossman stick. Jarrett then choked out Joe with the stick as the crowd called for Kurt Angle. To no heat, Jarrett applied a regular rear naked choke. Security threw the ref back into the ring and he dropped Joe's hand three times, giving Jarrett the win.

WINNER: Jarrett via KO at 10:32. As expected for a Jarrett match, more TNA over-booking. It felt like a throwback to five or six years ago with Jarrett's NWA Title defenses on PPV. Early on, Jarrett was great heel foil for Joe, who was able to showcase his physical offense again in a premiere singles match. (**)

Video package: TNA ran a video package recapping the action thus far on the PPV. Up next is the main event, which hasn't been focused on to this point in the PPV.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz recapped the over-booked semi-main event before Tenay explained the storyline going into the main event. Taz said Mr. Anderson is still not cleared to compete. Now, the door is open for Matt Morgan to become World champ. You would think they would have made a bigger deal about Morgan's opportunity during the PPV tonight. Suddenly, something was going on backstage. Mickie and Tara still brawling?

Backstage: No, Bischoff was hugging it out with Pope's Congregation. Bischoff tried to act cool before noting he doubled Pope's payrate to the Congregation to ensure their service. Bischoff was granted some Pope shades and suggested they watch the main event before getting their "play" on.

Video package: They ran a video recapping Anderson's concussion leading to Morgan fighting Jeff Jarrett on Impact two weeks ago and then taking the TNA Title shot on Impact this past week.

Impact Zone: Morgan's music hit to bring out the challenger first. Morgan hulked himself up on the way to the ring as Tenay noted Morgan's convictions on the "concussion issue." Jeff Hardy's new theme hit, but no sign of Hardy. Hardy eventually came out through the shadows of his dark ring entrance and very slowly made his way to the ring with the TNA World Title belt hugging his waist in a cocky manner. Hardy slowly paced around the ring while Morgan bounced around in the ring. Hardy taunted a t-shirt toss into the ring, then dropped his shirt on the floor.

With everyone assembled in the ring, Jeremy Borash handled the formal ring intros. The new ref's name is Jackson James. Where do they come up with these names? Morgan was strongly cheered, but with a few scattered boos. Hardy crouched in the corner before holding up his title belt while being booed. Morgan teased charging Hardy before the opening bell, but backed off and the opening bell sounded 23 minutes before the top of the hour.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion JEFF HARDY vs. MATT MORGAN -- TNA World Title match

The fans chanted for Morgan, who quickly knocked down Hardy in the opening sequence. Hardy rolled to the floor to recover, then slowly re-entered the ring to lock up again. Hardy landed a boot to the gut and aggressive forearm strikes, but tried to run over Morgan, who just looked down at the mat to no-sell Hardy's attempt. Hardy then went for the left knee and tried to chop down the tree, but Morgan flung Hardy over the top rope with a one-hand chokeslam. Hardy teased re-entering the ring, but spit in Morgan's face. Morgan gave chase and nearly walked into the trap, but avoided an elbow drop and dragged Hardy to the floor. The announcers focused on Morgan needing to keep his poise in a big title match here.

Back in the ring, Morgan slammed Hardy and tried a big leg drop, but Hardy moved and went to work on Morgan's left knee. Hardy went for a unique submission tilting Morgan's big left leg straight up into the air before transitioning into a single-leg Boston Crab. Very nice offense from Hardy. Morgan teased tapping out, but eventually made the bottom rope for a break. Hardy then shoved ref JJ before going back on the attack focusing on the knee. Hardy mocked his own babyface dance before going back to work.

At 8:00, Morgan came back to his feet and ripped off Hardy's t-shirt. Morgan pounded his chest, sold the left knee, and landed a big discus clothesline for a close two count. Morgan slapped his left knee trying to shake off the offensive attack before picking up Hardy, who came back with a jumping DDT for a nearfall. Hardy went to the second rope and flipped off the fans before flying into Morgan's hand for a big chokeslam that resulted in a two count. Morgan then slowly lifted up Hardy, who pulled the ref in tight and mule kicked Morgan. Hardy then hit the Twist of Hate center ring, but Morgan kicked out at two.

At 11:00, Hardy began pounding on Morgan, who suddenly came back with the Carbon Footprint out of nowhere. Morgan had a three count and Hardy's foot was apparently supposed to kick the ref in the head, but he was too far away. So, an awkward moment ensued where Morgan seemed to win the match. Anyways, Morgan slowly brought Hardy back up to his feet and hit a second Twist of Hate, but Morgan kicked out again. Hardy had a word with the ref, then missed with a corner splash. Morgan landed an elbow strike, hobbled on the knee, then took Hardy up top, but Hardy blocked and hit the Whisper in the Wind off the top. Hardy wanted a third Twist of Hate and hit it. That was good for the three count and the win.

Post-match: They went to a replay of the high points from the match, including the awkward non-finish when Morgan had a three count, which seemed to hint at a potential re-match. Afterward, Fortune and Immortals hit the ring with champagne to celebrate with Hardy. Confetti fell from the ceiling as Hardy stood tall in the corner with possession of the title. They showed Bischoff mugging for the camera as Taz said he's as happy as a pig in poop. Flair then chugged an adult beverage as Hardy whoo'ed for the crowd. Immortal and Fortune continued to celebrate in the ring as Tenay signed off six minutes before the top of the hour.

WINNER: Hardy at 13:06 to retain the TNA World Title. Good main event, although the finish never seemed to be in doubt with it being Hardy's first title defense and no pre-PPV chase or quest for Morgan. The non-finish for Morgan didn't look smooth, but it gave Morgan an "out" for a future re-match if they're going that route. Overall, Hardy was solid in his first title defense and Morgan carried himself well as a strong, yet somewhat sympathetic babyface. If TNA gets Morgan and Joe together as a tag team to lead the anti-Immortals babyface faction going forward, that could make for some good TV on Impact. (***)

Before the PPV signed off, a brief video plug aired for Final Resolution on Sunday, December 5.

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TNA PPV POLL: Rate the Turning Point PPV on a scale of 0-10 if you saw the event

TNA PPV POLL: What was the Best Match of the Turning Point PPV?
(1) Lethal vs. Robbie E
(2) Mickie vs. Tara (w/brawl)
(3) Guns vs. Team 3D
(4) Dreamer vs. RVD
(5) Fortune vs. EV2
(6) Abyss vs. Pope
(7) Jarrett vs. Joe
(8) Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan


WWE News: Report on The Miz & Alex Riley making two big U.K. TV appearances on Tuesday promoting the European Tour
WWE News: NXT results - next elimination announced, new Immunity Standings, Styles cameo, Nexus out-of-character
WWE News: Raw brand wrestler announces impending retirement during Tuesday night's house show in London, Report Wanted
WWE News: Raw TV ratings - break down of the key demographic ratings for Monday night's show
WWE News: Raw ratings are in for Monday night's show - did Raw maintain last week's ratings bump?
NEWS AT A GLANCE - TUES. 11/9 (250 words / 25 seconds): NXT & Impact tonight, new title, Linda speaks, Ross, Lawler, Tribute, Old-School, Mickie, EVOLVE 6, DVDs, UFC fight in WWE?
WWE News: Non-spoiler list of Smackdown matches for this Friday - Kane vs. Show, IC Title match, lumberjack match
WWE News: Smackdown SPOILERS 11/12 - Complete real-time coverage of Smackdown taping featuring Kane vs. Big Show, Nexus, more
WWE News: Superstars SPOILERS 11/11 - additional match for this Thursday's show draws rave review
WWE News: NXT SPOILERS - Complete real-time results from the Smackdown TV taping for tonight's NXT episode
WWE News: Spoiler-free preview for tonight's NXT show - two matches and two Rookie Challenges to air
WWE News: What's next for Linda McMahon?, Linda hints at her future in first interview since Senate loss, addresses WWE criticism during her campaign
RADICAN'S 11/12 DGUSA "Untouchable 2010" PPV review - Shingo vs. Kid, CIMA & Ricochet vs. Doi & Yoshino
CALDWELL'S TNA TURNING POINT PPV RESULTS 11/7: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Hardy vs. Morgan, EV2 vs. Fortune, Team 3D "retirement" match
KELLER'S TNA TURNING POINT PPV RESULTS 11/7: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan, Team 3D vs. Machine Guns, Lethal vs. Jersey Shore's Robbie E
DRAGON GATE USA INTERNET PPV RESULTS 10/29: RADICAN & CALDWELL's complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Internet PPV debut
CALDWELL'S WWE BRAGGING RIGHTS PPV RESULTS 10/24: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Orton vs. Barrett, Kane vs. Taker, Raw vs. Smackdown
CALDWELL'S TNA BOUND FOR GLORY PPV RESULTS 10-10-10: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Angle vs. Anderson vs. Hardy, "they" reveal
KELLER'S TNA BOUND FOR GLORY RESULTS: Ongoing coverage of PPV live from Daytona Beach
WWE HELL IN A CELL RESULTS 10/3: Keller's ongoing "virtual time" report on live pay-per-view event
CALDWELL'S WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS PPV RESULTS 9/19: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Six-Pack Challenge, Kane vs. Taker, Miz vs. Bryan
WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS RESULTS 9/19: Keller's ongoing "virtual time" results of live pay-per-view event
9/11 ROH INTERNET PPV LIVE RESULTS: Caldwell & Radican's coverage of "Glory by Honor IX" - ROH Title match, Haas & Benjamin debut
RADICAN'S 9/10 DGUSA "Enter the Dragon 2010" PPV review - Insane 4 Way, Chikara-Kamikaze USA 8 Man Tag, Hulk-Mochizuki
CALDWELL'S WWE NXT RESULTS 11/9: Complete "virtual time" coverage of NXT Season 3, Week 10 - two matches, two competitions, parody of TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 11/8: Complete "virtual time" coverage of U.K. Raw - Ten-man tag main event, Cena vs. Otunga
KELLER'S WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 11/5: Kane to the Rescue? Nexus blurs brand split even further, MVP and Kaval compare zippers
PARKS' WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 11/5: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including Del Rio vs. Edge
KELLER'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 11/4: Final hype for Turning Point including Bischoff as central figure leading to Morgan vs. Hardy set-up
CALDWELL'S TNA REACTION TV REPORT 11/4: Complete "virtual time" coverage of Spike TV show following Impact
WILKENFELD'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 11/4: Complete "virtual time" coverage of Spike TV broadcast [updated]
CALDWELL'S WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS 11/4: Complete coverage of Kaval vs. Swagger, Henry vs. Usos, Raw Divas
CALDWELL'S WWE NXT RESULTS 11/2: Complete "virtual time" coverage of NXT Season 3, Week 9 - an elimination and a wedding
KELLER'S WWE RAW REPORT 11/1: Orton & Truth vs. Barrett & Otunga with Cena as ref, Pee Wee Herman guest stars, Bryan vs. DiBiase
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 11/1: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live Raw - Orton & Truth vs. Barrett & Otunga, surprise Diva cameo return, McMahon "in a coma"
KELLER'S WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 10/29: Edge vs. Del Rio vs. Rey in main event to determine Kane's Survivor Series opponent
EDITORIAL: WWE's history of xenophobia added another chapter Monday night on Raw
QUESTION OF THE DAY 11/9: What role would you find for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at WrestleMania 27?
Turning Point Reax/Question of the Day feedback: Suggestions for how to fix TNA PPVs - match finishes, firings, schedule, utilizing talent
QUESTION OF THE DAY 11/8: What one major change would you make to TNA PPVs to improve PPV business?
TNA PPV POLLS: Rate the Turning Point PPV 0-10 and select the Best Match of the PPV if you saw the event
Question of the Day Reax: Sample feedback on ordering or skipping tonight's Turning Point PPV, Machineguns vs. Team 3D, battle of former WWE stars
Can Dixie Come Out And Play?: McNEILL previews tonight's TNA Turning Point 2010 PPV!
QUESTION OF THE DAY 11/7: Are you watching or skipping tonight's TNA Turning Point PPV?
11/6 Question of the Day Poll Results: Was Vince McMahon's "coma" storyline or Hulk Hogan's rap video the strangest story of the week?
11/5 Question of the Day Reax #2: More suggestions for fixing WWE PPVs - revised PPV schedule, clean finishes, addressing lack of stars to replace past stars
QUESTION OF THE DAY 11/6: What has been the most unusual, most peculiar, weirdest story of the week in WWE or TNA?
Question of the Day Reax #1: Suggestions to fix WWE's PPV business, how Vince Russo would address the issue
11/8 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: Nexus/Otunga/Cena, Divas Cup, Tea Time With Santino, 10-Man Tag Main Event
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Express: Jeff Hardy Submits Art Project, "Call of Duty" or Another WWE PPV? Time To Derail Michael "Trainwreck" Cole
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Turning Point PPV: TNA Match Finishes Like Watching The Dallas Cowboys, Bischoff Find A New Excuse To Get On PPV, Tourists Don't Get Hardy
11/5 WWE Smackdown Hits & Misses: Edge vs. Del Rio, MVP vs. McIntyre vs. Rhodes, 10 Man Tag Main Event
GARDNER'S KEY MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Linda McMahon loses Tuesday's Senate election - why Linda lost and what went wrong during her campaign
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - TNA Impact & Turning Point Preview: TNA's New Movie Starring Ninja Eric Bischoff, Tommy Betrays RVD For Ice Cream, What Hogan Has Really Being Doing
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - WWE & TNA: Why Was Stephanie McMahon Dreaming About Her Father's Buttocks?, TNA Gets Really Real For Real This Time, Austin Starring In Ventura Flicks
11/1 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: Pee-Wee Herman - Miz - Riley, Bryan vs. DiBiase, Stephanie McMahon's Dream
10/25 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: Barrett - Cena - Orton Development, Bryan vs. Ziggler, Cena vs. Orton
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Express Edition: WWE Cons PPV Buyers, Cena's Dramatic Decision, Lesnar To Sing National Anthem At WrestleMania?
HITS & MISSES - WWE BRAGGING RIGHTS PPV 10/24: Bryan-Ziggler starts hot, Orton-Barrett closes cold, Raw vs. SD, Match finishes, Survivor Series look-ahead
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Bragging Rights: WWE To Unveil "The Bryan" Dance Move, Taker Checks The NFL Score While Buried Alive, Smilin' Josh Mathews After A Live Murder, No Thanks On Orton-Barrett II
WWE RAW 11/1: "Place your Bets" Scoreboard after Week 9 - Review last week's scores (no PYB contest this week)
TNA TURNING POINT FLASHBACK - 1 yr. ago (11-15-09): Stellar Kurt Angle match, TNA champ Styles, Lashley, ODB, items from the "Seems Like A Long Time Ago" file
TNA TURNING POINT FLASHBACK - 5 yrs. ago (12-11-05): Jarrett main event, Joe vs. Styles, celebrities, Kanyon, barbed wire ropes opener
WWE RAW 11/1: Place Your Bets on tonight's Raw - Week 9 of current PYB season with Survivor Series PPV hype
WWE RAW 10/25: "Place your Bets" Scoreboard after Week 8 - Review last week's score before tonight's contest
WCW HALLOWEEN HAVOC FLASHBACK (10-29-95): Hogan "throws" The Giant off the roof, Yeti, Rough night for wrestling, Top 10 Things - Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WCW HALLOWEEN HAVOC FLASHBACK (10-29-00): Final Havoc PPV, who did Goldberg face in the main event?, Top 10 Things - WWE & TNA wrestlers in 2010, Same Storylines Ten Years Later
WCW HALLOWEEN HAVOC FLASHBACK - 20 Yrs. Ago (10-27-90): Sting vs. Sid strange finish, Steiners vs. Nastys, Master Blaster Nash, Top Ten Things - Who's in WWE and TNA in 2010?
WWE SMACKDOWN FLASHBACK - 7 Yrs. Ago (10-30-03): Brocktober, Buried Alive, John Cena: The Early Years, Top 10 Things - Who's in WWE and TNA in 2010?
TNA IMPACT FLASHBACK - 1 YEAR AGO (10-29-09): First Impact following Hogan announcement, Angle vs. Wolfe main event, The Ratings Pattern, Top 10 Things To Know
TNA News Flashback - One Yr. Ago (10-27-09): Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff join TNA, Hogan says he's taking TNA "to the next level," ratings comparison Oct. '08-10
WWF RAW FLASHBACK - 15 Years Ago (10-23-95): Michaels stripped of IC Title, battle royal, Women's Title main event, Top 10 Things - Is anyone in WWE or TNA in 2010?
WWE STATS REVIEW: Wrestler Rankings for number of matches in first-half 2010; how many matches are top stars on pace for the full year?
5/16 TNA Stats in Review: Current champions, 2010 Win/Loss Records, TV & PPV & house show results
5/3 TNA Stats in Review: Current champions, 2010 Win/Loss Records, TV & PPV & house show results
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 1999 - Muchnick, Rick Rude, Owen Hart, Renegade...
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2000 - Solie, Albright, Duncum, Tsuruta, Blue Demon, Al Costello
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2001: Johnny Valentine, Terry Gordy, Chris Adams, Bertha Faye, Helen Hart
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2002 (Wahoo, Thesz, Rocco, Mr. Wrestling)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2002 (Wahoo, Thesz, Rocco, Mr. Wrestling)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2003 (Hawk, Hennig, Blassie, Liz)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2004
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2005
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2006
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